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This cylinder can hold up to 171.7 Imperial gallons.

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Q: A Cylinder 42 inch high times 19 inches radius how many Imp Gallons?
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How much water in a cylinder that is 36 inches in diameter and 36 inches high?

The volume is the product of height multiplied times the area of the base, assuming the container is a right cylinder. Area of base = radius times radius times pi, or 18 times 18 times 3.14, or 1018 square inches. Multiply times the height, 36 inches, to get a volume of 36,644 cubic inches. Conversion to customary units of volume: 36644 cubic inches = 158.6 gallons (the start of a great beer party!)

What is volume of water in a 4 inch cylinder 4 inches long?

If a cylinder has a diameter of 4 inches, then it has a radius of two inches, and the area of that circle is pi, 3.14, times radius squared which is 4 square inches, for a total of very close to 13 square inches; multiply that by the 4 inch length of the cylinder and you get 52 cubic inches.

How many cubic inches are in a 5 inch diameter cylinder 1 inch tall?

2 inches from your bellend Volume of a cylinder is pi times radius times radius times height. V=pi*2.5*2.5*1 V=6.25pi V=about 6.25*3.14 V=about 19.625

How do you figure volume in gallons of a cylinder that has a radius of two feet times eight feet long?

Volume of a cylinder = πr²hV = 3.14159 × (2)² × 8V= 100.53 ft³* 1 ft³ ≈ 7.48 gallons *100.53 × 7.48 = 751.96 gallons

How many gallons of water in a 15 inch pipe 12 inches long?

Since 15 inches is not a nominal pipe size it must be assumed that you are measuring the internal diameter of the pipe and the size of the outer wall can be ignored. What you are seeking can be described as the volume of a cylinder. The volume of a cylinder is the value of pi times the radius of the pipe (one-half the diameter or 7.5 inches) squared times the length of the cylinder (12 inches). That calculation will give us a number of cubic inches. A gallon of water takes up 231 cubic inches. Pi times 7.5 squared is 176.72 square inches (this is the area of a circle, a pipe is just a whole lot of circles - 12 inches worth in this case) 176.72 square inches times 12 inches (the length) is 2,120.6475 Cubic inches. 2,120.6475 cubic inches divided by 231 cubic inches (the volume of a gallon of water) is 9.1803 gallons.

Formula for surface area of a cylinder?

2 times pi times the radius squared plus 2 times pi times the radius times the height equals surface area of a cylinder :]

How do you find the radius of big cylinder given radius of small cylinder and big cylinder is 4 times larger than the small cylinder?

The answer will depend on whether the larger cylinder is 4 times larger in terms of radius, cross-sectional area, or volume. If radius, multiply the smaller radius by 4. If cross-sectional area, multiply the smaller radius by 2. If volume, you do not have enough information.

What is pi times the radius squared times the height?

This is the volume of a cylinder.

When a cylinder has a radius of 4 inches and a height of 6 inches what is its volume?

Volume = pi x (radius)2 x height = 3.14 x (4)2 x 6 =3.14 x 16 x 6 =301.44 square inches Shouldn't that be Cubic Inches if it is volume: Length times Width times Height?

Formula for volumn of a cylinder?

For a right cylinder, the formula for volume is quite simple. It is pi times the radius of the cylinder squared times the height of the cylinder.

How many gallons of water are in a cylinder tank that measures 17 inches in diameter and 48 inches in length?

It would contain about 10895.04 cubic inches, which according to a converter i use assuming you mean united states liquid gallons, is 47.1646 gallons, that is slightly off as there was a decimal to the cubic inches. If you want to do it yourself it is (17/2) squared times pi times 48 to get cubic inches, then find an online website, ect. to convert it to gallons.

How do you find the diameter of a cylinder from the area of the base?

The area of the base of a cylinder = Pi times Radius squared. Diameter of a cylinder = 2 times Pi times Radius. To find the diameter derive the area of the base by Pi and then square root the answer. That will give you the value of the radius. Multiply that answer by 2 times Pi and you will have your answer.

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