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3328.4 inches

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Q: A bicycle tire has a radius of 13.25 inches how far will the bicycle travel in 40 rotations of the tire?
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How far would a bicycle with 30 inch tires travel in one complete turn of its wheels?

Assuming that the circumference is 30 inches, it would travel thirty inches in one complete turn of the wheel. If you are referring to a 30 inch radius then it would be = 60pie = 188.4 inches. If you mean 30 inch diameter it would be = 30pie = 94.2 inches.

Jims bike wheel has a radius of 10 inch explain how to determine how many feet the bicycle will travel if the wheel makes 1 revolution?

Wheel movement of one revelution equals one circumference ( in feet ). Calculate that from the given info of radius ( in inches ).

What type of bicycle has 8 inches of suspension travel and 8 speeds?

A Downhill Bike!

What is the average linear speed of a bicycle wheel with a radius of 10 inches which rotates 90 degrees in 2 seconds?

Curious to try this one: if it travels 90° in 2 seconds, then it travels 360° in 8 seconds, that would be ten inches in 8 seconds. So, in one minute, it would travel 75 inches; in one hour it would travel 4.500 inches, or 375 feet, or 0.071022 mph.

How far will a 26 inch diameter bicycle tire travel each time it turns?

81.7 inches

About how far will a bicycle travel if the wheels go around exactly once and the diameter of the wheels is 27 inches?

Circumference C=Pi*d = Pi*27 ~= 84.823 inches You will travel about 84.823 inches per revolution.

How far does a tire with a 12-inch radius travel in one revolution?

The circumference is 2 x pi x radius which makes 75.4 inches

A tire has a radius of 15 inches how many feet will it travel in 6 revolutions?

approximately 47.1238898 feet.

How many turns would the smallest bicycle with tire diameter 0.76 inches have to make to go the same distance?

First you have to know the distance you wish to travel. Then you simply calculate the circumfrance of the tire. (2pie*radius) which would give you around 4.77 inches. Divide the distance you want to go by 4.77 and you get the proper amount of turns.

When was Radius - travel - created?

Radius - travel - was created in 1992.

How far will a 27 inch wheel travel in one revolution?

If by "27 inch wheel" you mean:"a wheel with a circumference of 27 inches" The answer is 27 inches."a wheel with a radius of 27 inches" The answer is 54π inches"a wheel with a diameter of 27 inches" The answer is 27π inches

How far will a 20 inch wheel travel in one revolution?

20 inches measured where on the wheel? Radius? Diameter? Circumference? Width?