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Q: A calculation of the amount that the average person can afford to but is a way if measuring what?
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A calculation of the amount that the average person can afford to buy is a way of measuring what?

Standard of living

Which is measured by a calculation of the amount of goods and services the average person can afford to buy?


What is the average amount of unsecsesful flights does an average airline have yearly?

There is no specific calculation of average amount of unsuccessful flights that an airline have yearly as it differs foe every airline. Plus it varies from year to year.

What is the calculation of the age of an object by measuring the proportions of the radioactive isotopes or certain elements?

Carbon-14 dating is the measurement of an object's age by comparing the amount of carbon-14 to the amount of carbon-12 and carbon-13 present in the sample.

What is the average dollar amount given as a wedding gift?

* On the average it would be $50 - $75. However, whatever the couple or person can afford should be accepted graciously and generally is.

What is the use of measuring glass in laboratory?

Measuring glass is used for measuring the amount of liquid.

How do you use a measuring glass?

check the amount you need and then fill the measuring glas to the correct amount shown by labels on the measuring glass, use acording to the instructions

What tool would be best for measuring amount?

amount of what.

What is a tool that is useful for measuring small amount of liquid?

A micropipette is a useful tool for measuring small amounts of liquid accurately. It can dispense volumes ranging from microliters to milliliters with precision.

Where can you find a daily summary of the US stock market's calculation of the amount of price change in every stock that advances for the day and the points lost?

The Dow Jones Average-

What instrument is used is measure volume?

Measuring Pipette is for small amount of volume only.Graduated Cylindrers is for measuring large amount of volume.

What is the use of a measuring jug?

The use of a measuring jug is to find the right amount of a liquid