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Q: A circle has been drawn in the center of a square A dot will be randomly placed inside the square What is the probability that the dot will be placed in the purple section?
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What A circle with a radius of 3 cm shares a center with another circle that has a radius of 5 cm. Find the probability that a randomly selected point is in the larger circle but not in the smaller ci?

We can look at total areas (and ignore units-they're all the same). The smaller circle has an area of 9pi, and the larger circle has an area of 25pi. The smaller circle is entirely inside of the larger circle. So anything not in the smaller circle is in the larger circle. 16pi square centimeters are part of only the larger circle. 16pi/25pi=.64. So the desired probability is .64.

What is the line section from one point on the circle to another passing through the center?

It is the diameter of the circle.

Does a conic section have vertices?

No, a conic section does not have vertices. If it is a circle, it has a center; if it is a parabola or hyperbola, it has a focus; and if it is an ellipse, it has foci.

What is the circle section of Rockville center?

it is giant dounut that is in the earth under rockville centrre

What is an angle whose vertex is at the center of a circle?

A central angle.The section of the circle formed by that angle and the part of the circle (the part being the circumference) between the radii is called a sector.

Is the center of a great circle also the center of a small circle?

No. Every circle on the sphere whose center is also the center of the sphere is a great circle. If the circle's center is not also the center of the sphere, then the circle is a small circle.

Is a circle named by its center?

No it's made by the circle that how they get the circle not the center.

What is the cross section of a circle?

The cross section of a circle is a circle. A circle is defined as a plane figure (i.e. 2 dimensional object) with a constant radius in both dimensions. Since a cross section is, by definition 2 dimensional, a circle's cross section is the circle itself.

What connects a circle to the center of the circle?

A RADIUS connects the center of a circle to any point on the circle.

What is a chord of a circle that contains the center of a circle?

A chord of a circle that contains the center of the circle is called the diameter.

What part of a circle connects its center to a point on the circle?

The line from the center of a circle to a point on the circle is the radius.

Define the center of a circle?

The center of a circle is the point from which all points on the circle are equidistant.