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84 students and six teachers.

Students per teacher = (number of students) / (number of teachers)
= 84 / 6
= 14

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Q: A class trip consists of 84 students and 6 teachers how many students per teacher are there?
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What would it mean if all students attained a 0 percent?

If all students receive a failing grade in a class room it is usually considered the teacher's fault and the students will most likely be transferred out of the teacher's class and the teacher may even be fired.

Who are the important people in trigonometry?

The students and teacher of my trig. class

What are the 3 biggest lies at school?

that students respect the teachers that students learn that sudents listening in class that students were good that students are nice that students dont chew gum that students dont bring there phones to class that students do there hw that students care about there grades that students study for tests that students hate to get a F or D on a test that students dont talk in class that students love there teachers that students want to go to school that students try that students dont wear short shorts that students dont swear that students dont get in trouble that students try anything to not get a detention

How many groups of 3 students can a teacher select from her class to participate in an assembly?

we can make 1 group

Would teachers or students get a better test score?

That depends entirely on what they were being tested on, and the individuals involved. If it were the subject of the class, then you would hope the teacher would score better than his or her students, but that isn't always the case, especially with adjunct professors hired to teach an unfamiliar subject three days (or less) before the class starts... which happens sometimes. Even when the teacher is a whiz, there could be a student that knows more, and just has to take the course to prove it. If it wasn't about the class, then it is up in the air depending on who is more familiar with the subject matter. idk

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How can teachers performance affects the students performance?

If a teacher is good at teaching, her students will do better in class, but will do worse if she doesn't help her class learn.

What are the differences between a teacher and a tutor?

Teachers have a license, tutors tend to be students who have excelled in their class.

Should students make their own decisions in class or should it be up to the teachers decisions in science class?

The teacher, of course. The teacher is the one that has been trained in how to teach, how to communicate. The teacher is the one that knows what the requirements are for graduation, and what will be expected of the students in the next class or in university.

How do you persuade your teacher not to give a hard final test?

Hard working and good studies are always advantage for students. An Intelligent students have been remained favorite students of teachers. When ever entire class face any class problem ,they generally approached to intelligent students for solving problems. Even in case of requesting to teacher they go to those students ,who are good for teachers. When these intelligent students go for such requests , teachers, take it seriously and do the things according to wishes of students.

How does class size affect learning?

the number of students in a class to the number of teachers affects the student to teacher ratio. the number of students should be low just so the students that need personal instruction get it.

How educational psychology help teachers in class rooms?

It helps a teacher to make evaluation of his/her lesson.Also helps a teacher to solve different problems facing students

What does a teacher ask students to pay in a class?

A teacher asks students to pay attention in class!

Why do you make assigment?

Teachers give assignments so the students can practice skills learned in class or add to information learned in class. Sometimes teachers give reading assignments so students will have enough background information to be able to make sense of information that the teacher will deliver in class.

What is a tough teacher?

A tough teacher is one who has high standards, both for academics and behavior. Tough teachers usually give more homework and give more challenging tests. Tough teachers are usually not appreciated by students while they are in the teacher's class.

Why is it bad to be cheeky to teachers?

Some teachers will take it as being disrespectful to them. It can be seen as being too "familiar" with the teacher, and treating them more like a friend than an authority figure... and some teachers will feel like that will make other students in the class less likely to respect the teacher or classroom rules, etc. When I was a teacher, I always encouraged students to be themselves and be relaxed enough in class that sometimes they did get "cheeky." I'd usually just smile and say "Ok, crossing a line there!"... and that would help students know where the boundaries were.

How does BPE help students and teachers to achieve success?

The BPE helps students and teachers achieve success by partnering with school leaders to implement school-wide structures that will help teachers and students to do their best work. The BPE prepares diverse, highly effective teachers for Boston's schools through a best-in-class teacher preparation and development program.

How much work do teachers take home?

How much work teachers take home will depend on the size of their class. If there is a larger class, the teacher may have to take some work home to grade papers. If there is 25 or less students in the class, more than likely the teacher can finish grading papers during school hours.