A compass always points to what?

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Q: A compass always points to what?
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What c always points north?


What always points to the north?

A compass

A compass always points to?


Why always a compass points to the north?


Where does a compass point during winter?

Compass points always towards Earth's magnetic north.

The neeedle on a compass always points on what pole?

magnetic North

Which is the point to which a compass always points?

Type your answer here... north

Where does a compass start from?

a compass always points North which means directly below it is south and to the left is West and to the right is East .

Where will a compass point if you face south?

If you point the north side of the compass away from you the compass will point south. Because the needle always points north (magnetism).

What way will a compass point in Uruguay?

the compass would point north because it Always points north unless you are at the north pole. :)

What is a tool that always points north used in the 15th century?

The answer you are looking for is 'magnetic compass'.

4 b P of a C?

4 Basic (Cardinal) Points of a Compass