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4 centimeters cubed!

Density = grams/cm3

Density = 13 g/4 cm3

= 3.25 g/cm3


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Q: A cube has a mass of 13 g and the volume of a 4 cm what is the density?
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What is the density of a 13 year old boy?

depends on his mass and density=mass/volume.

What is the density of 13g and a volume of 13 mL?

You are supposed to divide the mass by the volume.

What is the density of a substance that has a mass of 169 grams and a volume of 13 milliliters?

The density is 169/13= 13 grams/ml.

What is the density of a toy with a mass of 12g and a volume of 13ml?

Density = Mass/Volume = 12/13 g/ml = 0.923 g/ml approx.

How do you find the mass of an object whos dansity is 7g and the volume is 13?

Use the formula Mass = Density/Volume

If an object has a density of 11.4 grams and a mass of 13 grams what is the volume?

Unit for density is not properly given. Hope it would be 11.4 g per cm3. Then the volume will be got by dividing the given mass by the density. So required volume = mass / density = g /(g/cm3) = 13/11.4 cm3 = 1.14 cm3 nearly

The density of a glass marble that has a volume of 5 cubic centimeters and a mass of 13 grams is?

Denisty = mass/volume. 13/5 and then convert your units as need be.

There is 13 millimeter it also has a mass of 3.8 grams what is the density?

The question cannot be answered. Density is a measure of mas per unit volume, or the ratio of mass and volume. 13 millimetres is a measure of distance or length: there is no information in the question about the volume.

If a rock has a volume of 13 cm 3 and a mass of 130grams what is its density?

The rock has a density of 10 g/cm3

A sample of water has a mass of 13 grams and volume of 13 milliters what is the density of water?

1 gm/ml

What is the density of 5 cm3 and 13g?

density = mass / volume = 13 g / 5 cm3 = 2.6 g/cm3

If an object has a mass of 4 grames and a volume of 3ml what is its density?

Density is found by dividing mass by volume. 4/3=1.333333etc g/cm3