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Q: A cylinder and a sphere are different?
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Why are there two different formulas for calculating a cylinder and a sphere?

Cylinders and spheres are different geometric shapes with different properties. The formulas for calculating their volume and surface area reflect these differences in shape and dimensions. The formula for a cylinder involves multiplying the base area by the height, while the formula for a sphere involves powers of the radius to account for its spherical shape.

What is different about a cylinder and sphere?

A cylinder looks like a piece of pipe. A sphere looks like a ball.

How are two ways a cylinder and a sphere different?

A cylinder 3 faces compared to one and a sphere is fully round unlike a cylinder which has a flat bootom and top.

How are a sphere and a cylinder different?

A sphere is the shape of a ball, and a cylinder is like a tin can; rounded at the middle but with two flat surfaces at the top and bottom.

How are the cylinder and the sphere different?

A cylinder is more of a tube with flat circles on each end. A sphere is like a basketball, baseball, soccer ball, etc.

What is cylinder in eyeglasses?

The cylinder value in eyeglasses refers to the amount of astigmatism correction needed. It indicates the degree of astigmatism present in your eyes, which means there is an irregular curvature of the cornea or lens. The cylinder value works in combination with the axis value to ensure the correction is properly aligned for clear vision.

What is the different bit ween cylinder and sphere?

A cylinder is a round object with two flat ends, like a paper towel roll. A sphere is completely round, like a ball.

What are different spatial figures?

rectangular prism,cube,cylinder,sphere,pyramid

What are the different spatial figures?

rectangular prism,cube,cylinder,sphere,pyramid

What was Archimedes discovery about sphere and cylinder?

He discovered the relationship between a sphere and a circumscribed cylinder of the same height and diameter. The volume is 4⁄3πr3 for the sphere, and 2πr3 for the cylinder. The surface area is 4πr2 for the sphere, and 6πr2 for the cylinder (including its two bases), where r is the radius of the sphere and cylinder. The sphere has a volume and surface area two-thirds that of the cylinder. A sculpted sphere and cylinder were placed on the tomb of Archimedes at his request.

What is the difference between cylinder and a sphere?

A sphere has 0 vortex and a cylinder has 2 faces

What are the different examples of spatial figures?

cone,pyramid,sphere,cylinder,cube and rectangular prism