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Q: A distribution can have more than one what but can have only one what?
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What is hybrid distribution channel system?

In cases where a marketer utilizes more than one distribution design the marketer is following a multi-channel or hybrid distribution system.Adopting more than one distribution channel to avoid chaos ad maximize efficiency. Responsibilities, relationships and compensation members must be clear.Follow me on Facebook. Shah, MBA in MM

What is a distribution amplifier?

A distribution amplifier is a device that increases the signal strength of signals it receives to levels larger than signal loss. It provides the signal to more than one isolated outputs.

How many 16 x 16 patio pavers are needed to make a 12 x 16 stone patio?

Only one is more than big enough!Only one is more than big enough!Only one is more than big enough!Only one is more than big enough!

IF you go to more than one prom should you get more than one dress?

only if you are a girl

Where is the vacuum hose on a 93 Tempo?

There is more than one vacuum hose. Which one? The one that controls the opening and closing of the vents for cold air distribution

What is the meaning of Weighted distribution in sales and distribution?

This is when you take the percent of stores that one product is sold in and weigh it by how important it is. For example, a supermarket will weigh more than 3 small gas stations.

Does a horse have more than one heart?

No, they only have one.

Is there more than one Mexico City?

No. There is only one.

How many bases does a pentagonal pyramid have?

it has only one base and not more than the prism has more than one

Why geometric distribution only have a memory less property?

This is the only discrete distribution that is memoryless. (In the continuous case the exponential is memoryless.) It's the only one to have this property because it is the only one to count independent trials.

How is a railroad part of a distrubution network?

Anything that moves goods (or people) to more than one location, is part of a "distribution network".

Do monatomic ions consist of more than one atom?

no it only has one atom, but a polyatomic ions have more than one.