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air has no weight

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Q: A kilogram of lead has a greater than a kilogram of air.?
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Why the air resistance decrease the acceleration on falling object?

Drop a pound of feathers (in a bag) and a pound of lead from a height. The smaller mass of the lead will let it fall faster due to less air resistance, than the greater mass and much greater air resistance of the feathers.

How much volume equals one kilogram?

That depends on the substance that the kilogram is made of. A kilogram of air has a large volume. A kilogram of water has a medium volume. A kilogram of lead or stones has a small volume.

Why does a kilogram of sand takes up much less space than a kilogram?

A kilogram of sand takes up less space than a kilogram of air, because sand is more dense than air. A kilogram of sand takes up more space than a kilogram of gold, because sand is less dense than gold.

What equals the size of a kilogram?

That depends on what kind of substance it's made of. -- a kilogram of air is gigantic -- a kilogram of water is about the size of a quart of milk -- a kilogram of stone or lead can be slipped into your pocket

What is Universal conversion between weight and volume?

There is none. Consider a kilogram of air and a kilogram of lead. The two will have considerably different volumes.

Is lead more dense than air?

Lead is more dense than air.

How many cc are in a kilogram?

That depends what substance you have a kilogram of.A kilogram of air fills many many cc.A kilogram of water fills only 1,000 cc (1 liter).A kilogram if ice fills a few more cc than a kilogram of water does.A kilogram of lead, gold, or rock fills only a small number of cc.

Is The air density in Atlanta lesser or greater than the air density in Colorado?


Is the density of air is greater or less than 1?


What is the difference between a kilogram of feathers and a kilogram of lead?

Density, the atoms in a a kg of lead will be a closely packed solid, a kg of feathers will be a lot more spread out and surrounded by air.. That is assuming both your lead and feathers are under standard conditions..

Why does water exert greater pressure than air?

water is more dense than air and it has atmospheric pressure also pushing down on it to make it have greater pressure than air.

Does Hydrogen have a greater density than air?


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