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Q: A machine that makes lots of copies and ends with or?
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How many copies were sold for the album double fantasy?

lots and lots of them

How oes an album get double platinum?

By selling lots of copies

How many copies of The Beatles white album were sold?


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you need LOTS of machine tools like a lathe a cnc machine and lots of skills

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I have co-signed for a friend for a new car Should'nt I have copies of all the paperwork on it?

No, you do not need copies, but can easily get copies by asking for them. Your first mistake was cosigning the loan. You are now responsible for this loan and you better pray he makes the payments on time. IMO, cosigning for a loan on anyone other than family is foolish at best. You may end up loosing a friend and lots of money to boot.

What makes Coca Cola?

Lots and lots of sugar

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You can go to Polly Jean Collie's clothing shop and buy clothing and then use the clothing machine but all it makes is patchwork stuff.

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Water. Lots and lots of water mixed with sugar and honey.

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This question was made by Chloe Paul age 10.answer:An 8 letter word that ends with uter and lots of people use it....The answer to that is computer!Lots of people have had a hard time trying to find the answer to lots of question's like this!

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lots and lots of coffee

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The GE Family line has plenty of rack space for "odds and ends" that need washing.