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There are 19 lots of 20p in 3.80

So you can buy 9 lots of 3 badges, which makes 19*3 = 57 badges.

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Q: How many badges at three for twentyp can be bought for 3.80?
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There are many places to purchase pin badges. They can be bought online in store. Some of these places are giftshop, cancerresearchuk, bigcheesebadges, etsy and amazon.

How many badges do you get in Poke'mon?

8 Badges.

How many badges can you have on WikiAnswers at the same time?

As Many As You Have EarnedThere is no limit to the amount of badges you can have on your profile; you can basically sport as many badges as you have earned. (To find out who has the most badges, see the Related question.)

How many 6p badges can be brought 2 twenties 1 ten and 4 pennies?

2*20 + 1*10 + 4*1 = 40 + 10 + 4 = 54 54/6 = 9 badges can be bought (any number can be brought)..

How many badges are in sapphire?

same as ruby 8 gym badges and 6 contest badges

How many badges are in Pokemon Crystal?

in total 16 badges

How many gym badges are there on pokemonlake?

about 100+, but I have 112 badges now

Is there a limit on how many badges you can have on WikiAnswers?

No, absolutely not. Your profile may sport as many badges as you have earned.

How many badges are in Pokemon Silver -?

there is 16 badges... 8 in kanto and 8 in johto

Boy Scout badges?

There are many Boy Scout merit badges. There are more than 100 badges. They range from swimming to rifle shooting to Citizenship badges.

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form_title= Name Badges form_header= ID your employees with name badges! Do the badges need to include a photo?*= () Yes () No Will the badges need to be laminated?*= () Yes () No How many badges will you need to print on a monthly basis?*= _ [50]

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if you want to find badges be a sertant age go to boy or girl scouts u get many badges