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Call numbers a & b. a = 5b - 5 and a - b = 119 so 5b - 5 - b = 119 so 4b = 124 ie b = 31 and a = 150

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Q: A number is five less than five times another number their difference is one hundred nineteen?
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How do you spell the number 119?

One hundred and nineteen One hundred nineteen

How do you say this number 319000 in words?

Three hundred nineteen thousand

How do you spell 419?

The number 410 is four hundred and nineteen.

How do you spell 319?

The number 319 is "three hundred nineteen."

How do you spell out 319?

The number 319 is three hundred and nineteen.

How do you say the number 219789?

Two hundred nineteen thousand, seven hundred eighty-nine.

What is this number 1419200000?

One billion, four hundred nineteen million, two hundred thousand.

How do you spell 919?

The number 919 is spelled "nine hundred nineteen."

What number is 19900004?

Nineteen million, nine hundred thousand, four.

How do you spell 119000?

The number 119,000 is "one hundred nineteen thousand."

How do you pronounce 1903?

If you are referring to the year, usually you would say it as "nineteen-oh-three" or 'nineteen hundred and three'. If it is just a number, you could either say 'one thousand nine hundred and three' or 'one-nine-oh-three' or 'nineteen hundred and three'.

What is the number 1219912 in word form?

One million two hundred and nineteen thousand nine hundred and twelve.

What is the number word from for 219.042?

Two hundred nineteen and forty-two thousandths.

How do you write seven hundred nineteen and four tenths in number form?


How do you write three hundred thousand two hundred nineteen thousand one hundred six in standard form?

That isn't even a number....

How do you spell the number 53219107.016?

The number 53,219,107.016 is "fifty-three million, two hundred nineteen thousand, one hundred seven and sixteen thousandths." It could also be spoken as "fifty-three million, two hundred nineteen thousand, one hundred seven point zero one six."

Who is number is 651149177619?

six hundred fifty-one billion one hundred forty-nine million one hundred seventy-seven thousand six hundred nineteen

How do you say 1965?

nineteen sixty-fivenineteen hundred and sixty-fiveone thousand nine hundred and sixty-five

How do write nineteen thousand ninety nine hundred ninety nine in number?

how do you finger a badger

How do you spell number 519020?

519,020 Five hundred and nineteen thousand and twenty

How do you write two hundred ten thousand fifty and nineteen hundredths in decimal number?


How do you spell 119.33?

The number 119.33 is spelled or spoken "one hundred nineteen and thirty-three hundredths." The US currency value $119.33 is "one hundred nineteen dollars and thirty-three cents."

What is this number 0.1619242195?

One billion, six hundred nineteen million, two hundred forty-two thousand, one hundred ninety-five ten-billionths.

What is the word form of the number 19673890004?

Nineteen billion six hundred and seventy three million eight hundred and ninety thousand and four.

What number is this 0.037127690019?

Thirty-seven billion, one hundred twenty-seven million, six hundred ninety thousand, nineteen trillionths.