A plus b plus c equals 2s then 2s-2b is equal to?

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2s-2b= a+b+c-2b

simplified that would be


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Q: A plus b plus c equals 2s then 2s-2b is equal to?
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What is 9 equals 2s plus 1?


What is s plus s equals t?

It is the same as: 2s = t

What does 2s-4 equal?

2s-4 equals 2(s-2). You can find the answer by factoring two out of both numbers.

What is the answer to 2s-12 plus 2s equals 4s-12?

2s - 12 + 2s = 4s - 124s - 12 = 4s - 124s = 4ss = s==========this is an identity and any number can be s

2s plus s plus 12 equals 132?

2s + s + 12 =132 ie 3s = 132 -12 3s = 120 s = 40

What is the answer to 2s - 3t equals 23 4s plus 3t equals 19?

s = 7, t = -3

What is 3s plus 4t plus 2s plus 5s plus 6t equals?

3s + 4t + 2s + 5s + 6tGroup all of the like 's' terms & 't' terms together:(3s+2s+5s) + (4t + 6t)10s + 10t or 10(s+t)

What is the answer to 2s plus 16 equals 4s - 6?

2s + 16 = 4s - 6 Subtract 2s from both sides: 16 = 2s - 6 Add 6 to both sides: 22 = 2s divide both sides by 2: s = 11

Solve for s 6s plus 2s equals 72?

6s+2s=72 combine like terms 6s+2s=8s set equal to 72 8s=72 divide both sides by 8 to solve for "s". 8s=72 8 8 your answer is s= 72/8 which is 9.

What is 2s plus 17 equals 2s plus 17?

2s + 17 = 2s + 17 1) First, you want to start on the left side of the equation and subtract 17 from both sides. 2s = 2s 2) Then, you take the 2 on the left side and divide it on both sides. s = s 3) You are left with s (Or 1s) on both sides, so s = 1.

What is the awnser of R plus 2s plus 3R?

It simplifies to: 2s+4R

2s plus 5 and gt with line under the greater sign 49?

2s + 5 [ge] 49 (ge stands for "greater than or equal to")2s [ge] 44 s [ge] 22 That is, s is greater than or equal to 22.

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