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It is a convex polygon.

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Q: A polygon in which no diagonal contains points in the exterior of the polygon?
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What is a poloygon in which a diagonal can be drawn such that part of the diagonal contains points in the exterior of the polygon?

A concave polygon.

What polygon has no diagonal that contains points outsides the polygon?

A convex polygon

Why is this statement false a polygon is concave if no diagonal contains points outside the polygon?

It should be convex

What is the diagonal polygon that did not cross its interior points?

Not too sure of the question but the only polygon that has no diagonals is a triangle.

What is a diagonal?

A diagonal is a straight line connecting two non-consecutive points in a four or more sided polygon without overlapping any of the sides.

A line segment that joins two nonconsecutive?

A diagonal from a polygon is a line segment that joins two nonconsecutive points.

What is the difference between convex polygon and non convex polygon?

A polygon is convex if you can take any two points inside the polygon and connect them with a line segment that is completely contained by the polygon. A non-convex polygon is one which contains at least two points such that the line joining them does not lie entirely inside the polygon.

Is it possible to have 2 even and 2 odd vertices in a shape?

Yes, but not a polygon (or polyhedron).Consider a quadrilateral with one diagonal. The end points of the diagonal are at odd vertices while the other two are even.

What is exterior points?


What polygon has five points?

it becomes a Star polygon

How do you determine vertices of a polygon?

The vertices are the "points" of a polygon.

Is a rectangle with curved points a polygon?

no because a polygon can not have curved edges,points,sides,ect.

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