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Q: A prime number less than 50 is 6 greater than the prime number just before it and 4 less than the prime number just after it what is the prime number?
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Name the prime numbers just before 16 and just after 33?

The closest prime number to 16, and less than 16, is 13. The closest prime number to 33, and greater than 33, is 37.

What is the prime number just before 97?

prime number just before 97 = 89

What prime number comes just before 53?

47 is the prime number that comes just before 53.

What is the prime number just before ninety-seven?

The prime number just before ninety-seven is 89.

Why can a prime number not be abundant?

Prime numbers are abundant, in fact there is an infinite about of prime numbers. There is just and infinitely greater amount of non-prime numbers.

Why is 82 not a prime number?

Because a Prime Number can be divided evenly only by 1, or itself. And it must be a whole number greater than 1. The number 82 can be divided by more factors than just itself and one.

Why 1 is not a co-prime number?

Because one is a common factor of every number.

What are 2 number greater than 40 that have 2 and 3 as their only prime factors?

Just multiply several 2's and 3's all together, until you get a number that's greater than 40.

Can a prime number ever be even?

Just the number 2. #2 is even and prime.

What 3 prime numbers are just before 60?

47, 53, and 59 are the three prime numbers just before 60.

If a whole number greater than 1 is not a prime then what kind of number is it?

I believe they are called composite numbers: was just about to answer, but he answered first. It is a composite number. I am in 6th grade and we learned it this year.

Does the number 1999 have a prime factorization?

No, I don't think the number 1999 has a prime factorization. I think the numberis just prime.