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Percent means "of one hundred". If then a quantity of 100 drops to 95 out of 100 then its dropped by 5. In this case 5/100 or 5 of 100 which is 5%

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Q: A quantity decreased from 100 to 95. By what percentage did it decrease?
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How would you find a remaining quantity if only the percentage decrease is given?

If the original quantity is A and the ecrease is p% then the quantity of the decrease itself is A*p/100 and the remaining quantity is A - A*p/100

Find the percent decrease if 120 is decreased to 100?

120 decreased to 100 is a decrease of 16.67%

What is percentage decreased from 4500 to 2500?

2000 difference /4500 x 100 = 44.44% decrease

How do you find the percentage of a decreased number?

% decrease = |original value - new value|/original value * 100%

What is percent of decrease what is percent of increase?

A percent of decrease (percentage decrease) is when a value is reduced by a percentage of its original amount. e.g. 100 decreased by 15 percent is 85. A percent of increase (percentage increase) is when a value in increased by a percentage of its original amount. e.g. 100 increased by 15 percent is 115.

How do you do a percentage decrease?

It is done by: (original amount-decrease)/original amount times 100 = percent decrease. As for example 15 is decreased by 5 and so (15-5)/15 times 100 = 66.67% decrease rounded to two decimal places.

How do you calculate what percentage a number was decreased?

A percentage is a portion of 100. so to find the calculation of a decreased percentage, you subtract.

How do you find the percent decrease?

n - (n * p) example: 100 decreased by 25%. 100 - (100 * 25%) 100 - (100 * 0.25) 100 - (25) 100 decreased by 25% is 75.

What is the definition for percent of decrease?

percentage decrease = (100 - ((new number / old number) * 100)

What is percent decrease of a to b?

To determine a percentage decrease, ascertain the actual decrease, then divide this by the base number and multiply the result by 100. Decrease = a - b The base number (the number on which the decrease is based) = a Therefore, the percentage decrease = 100 x (a - b)/a % EXAMPLE : What is the percentage decrease of 15 to 11. Decrease = 15 - 11 = 4 : Base number = 15 Percentage decrease = 100 x 4/15 = 262/3 or 26.67%

What is the percentage decrease from 146 to 85 people?

Start: 146, End: 85 Decrease = 61 Percentage decrease = Difference / Start x 100% = 61/146 x 100% = 41.8% decrease

What is percent decrease of 1675 percent?

This is a nonsensical questions. You can not decrease a quantity beyond 100% as that eliminates the item.

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