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Length = 38 feet

Width = 19 feet

Check: 2*(38+19) = 114 feet

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Q: A room has a perimeter of 114 feet if it is twice as long as it is wide what are its dimensions?
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8 feet long and 9 feet long what is the perimeter?

If the given dimensions are that of a rectangle then perimeter is: 34 feet

What is the perimeter of 9 feet long and 6 feet wide?

Well, if you're talking about a square, then the perimeter is twice the length plus twice the width; in this case it would be 30 feet...

The perimeter of a table is 30 feet It is twice as long as it is wide What is the length of the table?

Length of the table is 10 feet.

The roller skating rink has a perimeter of 150 yards. If the length is twice as long as the width what are the dimensions of the rink?

The dimensions are length 50 yards and width 25 yards

What is the linear dimensions for a 2 square acre?

A square with an area of two acres is 295.2 feet long on each side, with a perimeter of 1,181 feet.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 92 m The length is1 m more than twice the width Find the dimensions?

15m wide and 31m long

A rectangle has a length that is twice as long as its width and a perimeter of 36 What is its area?

The area is 72 The dimensions would be 6x12 6 * 2 + 12 * 2 = 36

What is the perimeter of 0.5 acre?

An acre contains 43,560 square feet. So half that would be 21,780 square feet. The dimensions can vary as long as it gets to that size. An approximation would be 105 feet by 207 feet.

The perimeter of a table is 24 ft the table is twice as long as it is wide what is the table's width?

Assuming the table's surface is a rectangle, the width is 4 feet. The length is 8 feet. The perimeter is therefore (4 + 8) x 2 = 24 feet.

How Long Is The Room If The Perimeter Is 8x2-2x?

The perimeter doesn't tell you the dimensions. It doesn't even tell you the shape.

The length of a rectangle is 3 more than twice its width The perimeter is 48 feet Find the width?

Each of the short sides is 7 feet long and each of the long sides is 7x2 (14) + 3 which equals 17 feet long. So the width is 7 feet.

What is the perimeter of a square with sides20 feet long?

80 feet