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Q: A series of evenly spaced dots that precede a tab is?
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A series of evenly spaced dots that precede a tab?

dot leader

What is a series of evenly spaced dots that precede a tab?

Dot leader

Is the scanned image made up of series of pixels or dots?

it made up of dots

What is halftone screen printing?

A halftone is a method of representing different shades of gray with dots of solid color. The more closely spaced the dots, the darker the color. The resolution (or number of dots per inch), determines how many shades of gray can be produced. Ahsan uddin shan

What does an ellipsis look like?

An ellipsis is a series of three dots. The dots start right after a word . . . and words begin again, but with no spaces between the dots or the words.

What is a jieba?

The jieba is a series of dots on a Shaolin monk's forehead.

Who invented a code for dots and dashes?

Samuel Morse developed Morse code for transmitting data using a series of dots and dashes.

Can images can be digitized by treating them as a series of colored dots?


What does the term 'party dots' mean?

'Party Dots' is a series of red dots starting at the top of your arm and extending down to the nail of the middle finger. This line can be crooked or straight, depending on how drunk you are when you get them.

Pink or red dots on m-8?

h or l series blister

What do the dots look like on case knives?

One of the blades will have a series of round dots and X's. A year ending in 0 will have 5 x's and 5 dots. Each year after that will lose one dot or x.

What is a Morse signal?

A morse signal is a series of dashes and dots sent either as sound pulses over the airways or telephone wires, or visually by using a signal lamp. Each series of dots and dashes represent either a letter or a number.