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Q: Can images can be digitized by treating them as a series of colored dots?
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What is another word for video?

movie, film? a streaming series of digitized images.

What is the series of colored bands created when sunlight is separated?

A spectrum

DLP technology creates images by using a series of?


What is uniqe about Jupiter?

Jupiter is actually rainbow colored and if that it is a series of colors!!

Are there any rose-cream coloured cats in the Warriors series?

yes there are rose-creamed colored cats in the warrior series.

What is a series of dreamlike images called?

A reverie. A daydream. This answer assumes you are concious.

What is the name of the only colored character on the Charlie Brown series?

His name is Franklin.

Appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence?


What happened to chuck when his mother flashed images in front of him in the series chuck?

He had a fit.

How is animation?

Presenting a series of images very rapidly to produce the effect that it is moving.

Where is the 5 colored weaver fish in tycoon series fishing legend?

in dragon bay..

What is a series of graphics stored in GIF format?

A GIF image can store an animation. That is multiple images are stored into the GIF file and displayed in sequence. It is possible to control the delay between two images and also to make the animation repeat. The multiple images that are stored in the GIF file make out the series of graphics.