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Q: A shape is symmetric if it can be divided so that both sides match?
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Is rectangle a symmetric shape?

Yes, a shape is symmetrical if it can be cut in half in any way, and be the same on both sides.

What shape has two pairs of equal sides two equal angles and one line of symmetry?

A symmetric trapezium.

A distribution that has the same shape on either sife of the center is said to be symmetrical?

true - Distributions that have the same shape on both sides of the center are called symmetric

A 2d shape that has one line of symmetry?

Lots of possibilities: an isosceles triangle, an isosceles trapezium, an irregular polygon with an odd number of sides, where the sides and angles on either side of the base are symmetric.

Is a rectangle cut diagonal line a symmetric figure?

The shape descibed is not a symmetric figure. If it is folded on the diagonal line described, then the corners would stick off the sides. If the question is implying that they want to fold it in a differant way, then it would not be symmetrical because of the line. The line would not be in the place on both sides.

What is a symmetric shape?

shape with both sides identical if cut in pieces

How do you find the number of diagonals in a shape?

you subtract 3 from the number of sides then multiply that by the number of sides divided by 2

Wyy is a square is always symmetric?

Because a square has all equal sides. Thus by cutting in half, it will always be symmetric.

How do you find the degrees of rotational symmetry?

360 Divided By How Many Sides The Shape Turned.

How could you tell if a figure is symmetric?

look at how many sides there are...

When two halves of a figure match the figure is said to have what type of symmetry?

Bilateral symmetry. Think of bi- meaning "two", and lateral meaning "pertaining to the side." Therefore, it is symmetric for two sides.

Can you give me a symmetric figure?

Yo, anything that's sides are the same as the other, yo got a symmetric figure. example: a circle