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Q: A simplex line permits data to flow?
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What Direction of Data Flow?

The direction of the data flow can be described as: 1. Simplex 2. Half duplex 3. Full duplex 1. Simplex:- In Simplex data flows in only one direction on the data communication line (medium). Examples are radio and television broadcasts. They go from the TV station to your home television 2. Half duplex:-In Half-Duplex data flows in both directions but only one direction at a time on the data communication line. For example, a conversation on walkie-talkies is a half-duplex data flow 3. Full-Duplex: In full duplex data flows in both directions simultaneously. Modems are configured to flow data in both directions

Data flow diagram for on line ordering system for restaurant?

data flow diagram for resturant ordering system

Which communication line is best suited to interactive processing application?

simplex channels.

What is the difference between entity relationship diagram and data flow diagram?

DFD basically describe the flow of data, means how data can be flow in a system where as ERD defines the relationship between entities. -> There is no such constrainst like cardinality,participation in dfd as compare to Erd.. ->In DFD, we show the storage of file using Parallel line where as ERD is just a conceptual represantation of data... ATUL

What is a data line?

a line protected by data

What is a data line protector?

a line protected by data

What is the purpose of a data link?

A data link is basically a telecommunication connection from one place to another where the digital data information is sent and received. This could mean that data is sent from one computer to another.

What is linear and nonlinear data?

Data that makes a line Data that doesn't make a line

Why does simple squamous epithelium line the alveoli?

permits the easy exchange of gases

What is an international data line?

I guess that would be a line on which you would record data about the international date line.

What are the possible solutions gor flow line maps?

A flow line for a map on a vector field is a path such that .

Who is responsible to ensure special licenses or work permits are in order?

first-line supervisor