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The straight line that best fits the data on a coordinate plane is the Line Of Best Fit.

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2013-05-03 17:49:24
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Q: What is a straight line that best fits the data on the coordinate plane?
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A graph that uses coordinate planes to display paired data?

a coordinate plane:)

How do you use a coordinate plane in real life?

When comparing data

What is the difference between a coordinate grid and a coordinate plane?

A coordinate grid has just one large section displaying data varying from (0,0) to (infinity,infinity). On the other hand, a coordinate plane is much different. A coordinate plane has four sections, (+,+), (+,-), (-,+), and (-,-). Theese four sections are all in oposite corners of a grid. I hope this helped!!

What is two sets of data are plotted as ordered pairs in the coordinate plane?

The x and y coordinates are plotted on the Cartesian plane.

How do you find cities with latitude and longitude data?

the simplest way is it to input the raw coordinate data straight into google maps and it will give you a marked position on a map.

What do you call the graph that uses an x above a number on a number line each time that number occurs in a set of data?

coordinate plane

Where is the scale of each axis on a coordinate graph?

There is no predetermined scale. You choose the scale so as to best represent the data.

What is the definition of coordinate grid?

Coordinate grid is a plane with a x and y axis extending from the origin with multiple perpendicular line spaced out evenly on the grid. Oh, it's also used to graph some data or info (most of the time used in math)

Why does best fit line does not touch all data points?

Because the "best fit" line is usually required to be a straight line, but the data points are not all on one straight line. (If they were, then the best-fit line would be a real no-brainer.)

What is a coordinate graph?

graph with data plotted with coordinates

What is a graph in which the data points do not fall along a straight line?

a line of best fit

What graph shows continuous data?

A graph that shows continuous data is a graph that goes diagonally straight without and ups or downs, and it is a constant rate/ has the same amount between each coordinate as it goes up/down each time!

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