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13.2077 cm

(12x12) + (12x12)= 288

square root of 288 = 13.2077...

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Q: A square has a side of length 12 centimeters What is the length of a diagnal line in the square?
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What has a diagnal line of symmetry?

a parallelogram does

What do diagnal mean?

Diagonal is a straight line through a figure from one corner to another corner, for example, the diagonal divided the square into two triangles.

What is the definition of a diagnal line?

there are two spelling mistakes in the question - can you spot them?

Is perimeter cm squared in math?

No. Square centimeters refer to an area covered, while just plain centimeters refer to a length (like a line). The perimeter of a shape is linear, so it's referred to just in cm.

How do you draw a line that is 12.5 centimeters long?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that we acn draw a line that is 12.5 centimeters long using a ruler .

What is the length of a one-inch line in cm?

1 inch is 2.54 centimeters.

What is an example of a 180 degree shape?

A 180 Degree shape would be a line a straight line or diagnal like this: _____________

How do you find out how many centimeters are in 1 cm squared?

take 1cm times 1cm ------------------ Keep in mind that distance is measured in "centimeters" and area in "centimeters squared" or "square centimeters". Thus, a line 2 centimeters long is 2 centimeters, but an square 2 centimeters on each side is 4 square centimeters (2 cm times 2 cm equals 4 cm2).

Is the ipod touch startup logo supposed to have a line through it?

IF you're talking about the apple. Then yes I believe that there is supposed to be a line through it. The line is diagnal.

What is the measure of a straight line?

Lines have length, often measured in centimeters, inches, or other such units.

The line of 1000000 centimetre cubes would be how many centimeters?

The line of 1000000 centimeter cubes would be 1000000 centimeters long.

How do you spell diagnal?

The correct spelling is "diagonal" (a straight line joining two opposite corners of a shape).