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take 1cm times 1cm


Keep in mind that distance is measured in "centimeters" and area in "centimeters squared" or "square centimeters". Thus, a line 2 centimeters long is 2 centimeters, but an square 2 centimeters on each side is 4 square centimeters (2 cm times 2 cm equals 4 cm2).

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Q: How do you find out how many centimeters are in 1 cm squared?
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How many centimeters is 750 centimeters squared?

750 cm squared can have many answers like : 125 cm * 6 cm =750 cm squared 75 cm * 10 cm = 750 cm squared 25 cm * 30 cm = 750 cm squared 5 cm * 150 cm = 750 cm squared the answers are infanite try to be more spasific ....

How do you convert inches to centimeters squared?

you cannot go from inches to centimeters squared. one inch = 2.54 cm you can go from inches squared to centimeters squared; in that case one inch square = (2.54 squared) cm = 6.45 cm squared

How do you convert squared centimeters into regular centimeters?

Converting squared cm into regular cm does not make sense, one is an area and the other a linear length. But if you are referring to squared cm as an area and would like to find the side of a square which would enclose such area, then you can take the square root of the squared cm to get cm

What is a centimeters x centimeters?

cm squared. cm2

What is 10 cm squared?

10 cm squared is 100 square centimeters.

Convert cm squared to m squared?

Since squared centimeters is cm^2 then instead of converting it normally from centimeters to meters you would multiply it by 2.

How many cm squared are in 11.5 inches squared?

11.5 (sq inches) = 74.1934 sq. centimeters

What is 1litre in centimeters?

10 cm Squared

A meter squared is equal to how many centimeters squared?

One square meter is ten thousand square cm.

How much is 25 centimeters by 11.5 centimeters?

287.5 cm squared

How many square centimeters are in an area of 4.20 inches squared?

27.09672 cm^2

How many square centimeters are in square meters?

1m squared= 1 m x 1m = 100 cm x 100 cm= 10000cm squared.

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