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A stock produced returns of 11 percent, -14 percent, and 3 percent over three of the past four years. The arithmetic average for the past four years is 6.5 percent. What is the standard deviation of the stock's returns for this four year period?

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Q: A stock produced returns of 11 percent -14 percent and 3 percent over three of the past four years The arithmetic average for the past four years is 6.5 percent?
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When will the geometric average return exceed the arithmetic average return for a given set of returns?

Never. The geometric return is always lower than the arithmetic average returns unless the returns for the given set of data are all the same.

What is the Average function in Excel 2007?

Returns the average (arithmetic mean) of the arguments. See related links for details and examples.

Over the past 6 years a stock produced returns of 11 percent 20 percent -7 percent 10 percent 12 percent and 3 percent what are the range of returns would you expect to see 95 percent of the time?


When an average rate of return of 16.7 percent and a standard deviation of 43.1 percent What is the approximate probability that this stock will yield more than 60 percent in any given year?

Assuming the returns are nomally distributed, the probability is 0.1575.

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What is harmonic mean and how is it used?

in finance, unlike the arithmetic mean, the harmonic mean gives an equal weight to each data point that it reduces the weight of higher returns in calculating the average return. it's calculated as n/ (1/a + 1/b + 1/c ...)

What is the approximate standard deviation of returns if over the past four years an investment returned 8.0 percent 12.0 percent 12 percent and 15.0 percent?


What is the percentage of returns for high yield investments?

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How do you calculate market return in Excel?

For calculating the market return, the average daily returns of S&P 500 or Nasdaq or any other Index (that represents a 'market') over the last few years (say 5 years) can be computed. These daily returns are then annualized (average daily return * 365). In Excel, you can download the daily closing prices of the index. Calculate daily returns of the Index using the formula (P1 / P0 - 1), (P2 / P1 - 1) and so on.... This will give you daily returns on the stock. Calculate the average of all the values (daily returns) obtained using "Average" function. Annualise the returns as (Average Daily Return * 365) You can get stock prices in Excel format with the spreadsheet in the related link. It automatically downloads historical prices from Yahoo Thanks Vikash

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