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Q: A student gets a part-time job on a weekend The student does one-half of four-ninths of the job on Satuarday and two-fifths of five-ninths of the job on Sunday What part is done in total?
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I need a parttime job at night want to work from home can you help?

looking for parttime part work in the day time. yes there is I need parttime job at night yes i can try 2 do this......

Why did people decide to begin FEMA?

PartTime Retail Fashion Mgmt Course

What instrument did jamie foxx teach parttime as a teen?

He was a part time pianist.

Who is Claire kowal?

Claire Kowal is an assistant whale scrubber as a parttime job during the summer of 2008.

Parttime job for 12th pass student in nagpur?

yes it is very helpful for students to get job for the life.

Is there a required amount of hours per week that an employer must give a fulltime parttime employee?

Each state has its own rules.

are ther any parttime jobs for lpn?

There are part time spots at many facilities. YOu will just have to call around in your area and ask some questions.

How much do harris teeter pay for part time?

$7 is what you would usually get per hour in any job for parttime. so $7 i think hoped that helped=)

I just got approve that I am disable but my disability insurance has expired and I cannot get SSI because my husband work parttime we do not have enough money for bills,medicine ect. what can be done ?


Why or why not let your teenager work a part time job?

i think u should let them work parttime they can experience the real world and not mooch off their parents and teaches them a little responsibilty

Do you need babysitting?

it is your choice. if you don't want to babysit then don't. if you do and you are responsible and mature and prepared and kind then go ahead. it's good for a parttime job.

How can you make online money parttime as you are a 12th passed student?

You can try tikebucks under this link and you will get the $ bouns

What telecommute jobs might be available for a parttime student?

Telecommute jobs for a part time student includes customer service reps, data entry jobs, technical support, and virtual assistant. You can also be a telemarketer full or part time.

I was just lay off, not reason was given. It was a parttime job. I do receive social security. If I file for unemployment, what will happen to my social security?

In most states, California included, you can receive unemployment benefits while still receiving your full Social Security benefits.

Best reasons for a leaving a job to put on a job application?

the truth Answer Business needs, mention that you needed benefits if the job was parttime, or voluntary if the situation was intolerable. You do not need to explain if you were fired. You do need to keep things positive about your previous employer even if things were less than that.

Do Football players earn extra pay if they do special things like man of the match or fulltime parttime finals captains?

Most players earn a basic wage, they are then paid bonuses for appearances, goals scored, and extra for competition games (fa cup, league cup, etc) these bonuses can double the salery.

How long does an MBA program online take?

The MBA program usually takes 2 years if studying full time, or 3-5 parttime. That is, of course, after you get your bachelor's degree. Most schools prefer that you have 2-5 years of work experience after your bachelor's degree before you enroll in an MBA program.

How old do you have to be to get a job in North Carolina?

it depends on what you wanna be if you wanna be a singer or an actress you can start and age 1!But normal job is around 16 and parttime is 14.Hope that helped!And i hope you find a good job.

If I buy a boat in Louisiana and take it immediately to my parttime residence in Mississippi - to which state should I pay the sale tax?

Boats are treated and registered very similarly to motor vehicles. They must be registered in the state of the owner's permanent residence. Take a look at a marina sometime and note the home port and registration numbers of the boats moored there.

How much money does a singer make in a year?

It depends on how popular they are. Popular singers make a great deal of money. PAyscale says that US singers can earn between $25,000 and $80,000 but that doesn't include very popular singers at one end and parttimers at the other. However, it is extremely variable ones and parttime singers get a lot less.

I am a radiology transcriptionist looking for a parttime job working from home. I have many years experience. How do I go about looking for a job either here in the vicinity of my home or even remote?

I would go online and search the work from home websites or freelance websites. Make sure they are real sites and not scams. Also update your resume and post on Monster or Career Builders.

Can you get a job as a hospital nurse with only a assosiate in nursing?

Yes, depending on the facility. Nursing is a career filled with opportunity especially in the face of the huge projected shortages. If you are currently employed or seeking employment ask about tuition reimbursement benefits that you may be able to use to take advantage of one of the many virtual and parttime nursing program opportunities available to expand your degree to a BSN.

What if you can't sell your car and can't afford the payments?

Reduce your spending in another area (eat cheap food, cut entertainment) and/or get a parttime job until your car sells. Try advertising online, with a clear picture. Put signs up in the grocery. Eventually, you will, at worst, be able to lower the price of the car to what it is worth to a buyer and owe no more than what it sells for and then you will be even. Otherwise, you risk your credit rating, which is not a good thing.

What has the author Basil Peacock written?

Basil Peacock has written: 'Peacock's tales' 'A Newcastle Boyhood, 1898-1914' -- subject(s): Soldiers, Great Britain, Great Britain. Army, Biography 'Tinker's mufti; memoirs of a parttime soldier' -- subject(s): Biography, British Personal narratives, Dentists, English Personal narratives, World War, 1914-1918, World War, 1939-1945

I have applied for a job that is parttime in a company that I have been working for and now, they have had to cut work schedules and now I am not working. Does this apply to me being able to apply for benefits.?

Typically, unemployment benefits only apply to those who have been working full time and they're employer has been paying for their unemployment. I've never heard of someone getting unemployment benefits after only working part time for a short period of time. I'm sorry to break the bad news.

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