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Q: A suit that sold for 120 dollars is on sale for 75 dollars What is the percent of decrease?
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A vendor has 250 ponkans for sale if he sold 175 of them what percent remains to be sold?

70% have been sold leaving 30% to be sold

How much does sperm sale for?

sperm is sold for 30 dollars a pound to drink

If a video game was originally sold for fifty dollars and is now forty-five dollars what percent was used to decrease price?

10% 45/50 = 90/100 = 90 percent. This means that the video game now only is worth 90 percent of the original price, which means that (100 - 90 %)= 10 % of the price has dropped.

A pickup truck that sold four 18722 dollars sells for 32270 dollars what is the percent increase?

The increase is 72.364%.

One share of stock which is originally sold for 70 dollars now sells for14 dollars what is the percent of decrease round to the nearest percent if necessary?

Original price = $70Present value = $14Value lost = ($70 - $14) = $56Fractional loss = 56/70 = 0.8 = 80% . (Exact. No rounding required.)

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The number of magazines sold at a store dropped from 60 to 21 so What was the percent decrease in the number of magazines sold?

60-21=39; 39/60=65%

How much was a boat if a man sold it for 2511 pounds and got 35 percent profit?

2000.00 dollars

What does a player get in payment when one team buys him from another?

When a player is sold to a club, the club will keep 70 percent of the sale amount , the player will get 20 percent and the agent will get 10 percent.

Tickets went on sale for the school play A total of 232 tickets were available for sale 38 tickets were sold during the first week What percent of the tickets were sold on the first week?

38 x 100/232 = 16.38%

Minnie had a garage sale where everything was 30 percent off She sold a pair of house slippers that originally sold for 15.00 How much did the customer pay Minnie?


A computer system is marked 800 is sold at a discount of 16 percent What is the discount?

You save $128.00 and the sale price is $672.00

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