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Asphalt. Macadam is another common name for the process. To Macadamize something is to pave it with asphalt.

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Q: A tarry mixture used to make a smooth hard surface on roads and paths?
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How where roman roads built?

they were built with smooth rocks on the to top. Then on the side there were paths for people when solider were marching down the road.

Place where roads or paths meet?


Who invented the roads?

Roads were not invented. They started as animal trails, then became the worn paths that people walked on. When people developed carts, they began to widen and improve those paths and the result was what we now call roads.

Why did the mayans build roads?

To have smooth roads that you can take to trade their goods

How did travellers find their way before useful maps?

roads and paths

What are the release dates for History's Mysteries - 1998 Roman Roads Paths to Empire 5-10?

History's Mysteries - 1998 Roman Roads Paths to Empire 5-10 was released on: USA: 2002

Was there roads in the Persian Empire?

The question is "WERE there roads in the Persian empire". The simple answer is no, the Persians only had dirt paths they travelled on but not "roads" by definition being a paved path. The Romans invented roads.

Why did the Romans invent roads?

obviously it was very crowded so instead of paths they made roads for the merchants and travlers to pass through

What does two roads describe in the road not taken?

two different paths in life

What stones do you use to surface roads with?

a book to stones do you uas to surace roads with

What is the black and white path in seekers?

I think the yare the roads because firebeasts are cars and they are on the paths

How is Chembakolli connected to other places?

chembakolli is connected to other places by small roads and paths

What do the roads symbolize in the poem The Road Not Taken?

They symbolize the two paths in life, to conform or to be an individual.

How high does a muffler have to be off the ground?

Depends on the terrain you are driving in if roads are bumpy are potholed it has to be higher than if the roads are smooth with no bumps.

Why is skating possible only on ice surface not on roads?

because ice surface refers very less friction as compare to roads that is why skating is easy on ice surfaces

Why do roman roads influence us today?

The Roman roads fell into disuse centuries ago. The influence they have had is in the fact that many of them followed important trade routed across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Many modern roads follow paths which are similar to that of Roman roads.

Which two rivers provided a natural path for the roman roads to follow?

The Danube River and the Rhine River were natural paths for the Roman Roads to follow.

Why did ancient Romans build roads?

Roads, like paths, make traveling easier because the ground is smoother than rough, improved ground. They made paved roads because pavement needs less maintenance than dirt paths and is much easier for wagons to travel on, especially when the ground is wet. They spent a lot of labor to build the road then it lasts a long time and is better for traveling than a dirt path. For trading goods, and because they wore no shoes, they had to build a nice flat surface to keep from cutting up their feet.

Why should haul roads be smooth?

There are vehicles that use the road for transporting materials that are sometimes fragile and delicate. It is of chef importance for the roads to be as smooth as possible to ensure smooth travels for the trucks. In addition, most trucks have a rougher suspension base/ springs when compared to regular cars. Trucks will ride somewhat bumpy even on a smooth road never mind a rough and bumpy one.

How was the national road an improvement over older roads?

it was wide and paved for smooth travel

What was the first road ever built?

Roads were actually foot or horse paths that were well traveled and then used by horse drawn wagons then the horseless carriages and then by the cars we have today. As the cars got better people fixed the roads to be smoother and that is the roads we have today.

How do you talk to faries?

you leave a note in a tree far away from paths or roads and they will read the note at night or when no one is home.

How does surface of car affect car speed?

If the surface is rough/bumpy , the vehicle cant safely go as fast as it can on a smooth road. Also if the car is bouncing, it's aerodynamics will be disturbed causing more drag. Ground clearance also has to be increased on rough roads, causing more drag.

Why tires of racing cars are smooth?

to move easily on rough suface like roads etc...

Which state in India has the largest length of surface roads?


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