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No, a third isn't half and half again, that would be a quarter. A third is to divide the object into 3 equal parts. Remember the cardinal rule of fractions, divide the number by the denominator( bottom number of the fraction UNDER the fraction line) and times by the numerator( top number of the fraction ABOVE the fraction line). For example, you need to get 2/6 of 24. Divide 24 by 6 = 4, X 2 = 8

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Q: A third is a half of it what is it?
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What is one third of a pound and a half?

One third of a pound and a half is a half pound.

How do you change one third into a half?

One third multiplied by one and a half equals a half.

What is half of a third of a cup?

Half of a third of a cup is one sixth of a cup

Is 1 half or 1 third bigger?

A half is bigger than a third.

How many third cups in an half cup?

To find how many third cups in a half cup, you would divide one third into one half. To do this, you will have to multiply one half with the reciprocal of one third, which is three over one (3). This equals three halves, which equals one and one half third cups in a half cup.

One sixth is half of one third?


Which is more half of twenty or a third of 30?

half of 20 is 10 and a third of 30 is 10

What is half of one cup and a third?

Half of one cup and a third = two thirds of a cup.

Which is larger one third of one half or one half of one third?

Neither is larger.

What is one third of half a cup?

One third of half is one sixth1/6

Is you half bigger than one third?

Yes, half is bigger than one third.

What is a pound and a half but you only need one- third of it?

If you are asking what is one-third of a pound and a half, the answer is one-half pound.

What is half of one-third?


What is the half of two third?

lol one third...

How much is half of two third?


How many one thirds are in one half?

...One... There is 1 complete third in one half, more precisely though there are 1.5 thirds in a half

How many hours are there in half of a third of a quarter of a day?

there is one hour in a half of a third of a quarter of a day

Is one third more the one half?

no, one-third is about .3 and one half is .5 in decimals

What is one third of one half?


Is one sixth one third of a third?

No, one half of one third.

What is half of one third-1 over 3?

One fourth is not the answer. 1/4 is half of half. I am looking for half of a third. I think it's one-fourth.

If a third of 6 is 3 What is half of 20?

One third of 6 is 2, not 3. Half of 20 is 10.

What is bigger a half pound or a third pound?

A half of anything is always larger than a third of the same thing.

What is the same as one third?

wat is half of one third

Is one third more then a half?

No, one third is less that one half. One third means that it has been divided in three parts. One half, means that it has been divided in two parts.