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Q: A triangle has 3 sides draw a figure that has twice as many sides as a triangle?
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If you draw a triangle has two perpendicular sides what type of triangle did you draw?

an iscoceles triangle

Explain how to draw an equilateral triangle?

An equilateral triangle means a triangle with all three sides with equal dimensions. For drawing an equilateral triangle first you will have to choose a measurement to draw the sides of the triangle. For example, lets take the side to be 4cm. When you draw the base of 4cm you will have to draw the other two sides of 4cm as well. Thus an equilateral triangle is constructed..

Draw a triangle that has sides of lengths 3.6cm and 5.2cm and a 42 angle between these two sides?

draw triangle that has sides of lengths 3.6cm and 5.2cm and a 42* angle between these two sides

Is every polygon with three sides a triangle?

yes. there is no way you can draw a triangle without three sides.

Is it possible that a triangle have equal sides?

Try it out... Draw a triangle with 5 cm sides and see if you can make them fit.

How you draw a similar triangle of a triangle having sides 4cm5cm7cm where the ratio of similar triangle sides are 234 of given triangle?

Draw a triangle with sides of 4*234 cm, 5*234 cm and 7*234 cm = 936 cm, 1170 cm and 1638 cm.

Draw a polygon that has no parallel sides?

A hexagon and a triangle

How will you draw a triangle using 2 lines?

It is impossible two have a triangle that only has two sides. By definition a triangle is a shape that has three sides.

How do you draw a pentogon?

Draw polygonal figure with 5 equal sides.

Can you draw a triangle by 2 lines?

No, a triangle consists of 3 sides, thus "tri"

How do you draw an 11 perimeter shape?

Draw an isosceles triangle with sides 4, 4 and 3 Draw a square with sides 2 and 3/4

Is it possible to draw a figure of a transversal cutting two perpendicular lines?

Sure. That's what you have when you extend the sides of a right triangle a little bit past the vertices.