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90 square feet

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Q: A wallpaper border around a room that is 10 ft long and 9 ft wide how long is the wallpaper border?
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Mrs brown put a wallpaper border around a room that is 10feet long and 9feet wide how long is the wallpaer border what is the area of the floor in the room?

Perimeter = 38 feet Area = 90 square feet

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I think a good idea would be to put some kind of wallpaper theme that would indicate your in a laundry room. Then paint a nice border around the wallpaper that would match.

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How many feet of wallpaper border is needed for a room with a 60 feet perimeter?

60 feet. Sorry, thought that was obvious.

A room is 24 feet long 18 feet wide and 9 feet high How many square yards of wallpaper are needed to paper the four walls of the room?

you will need 84 sq. yards of wallpaper

Margret wants to put wallpaper border around the bedroom walls The room is a rectangle 15 feet by 20 feet How many complete yards of the wallpaper must she buy?

15 + 15 + 20 + 20 = 70 feet 70/3 is 23.1 yards, which means she need to buy 24 yards.

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