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absolute value is a number's distance from zero. its just 24 plus 4, 28

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Q: Absolute value of 24 plus absolute value of -4?
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What is the absolute value of 24?

Absolute value of 24 is 24.

Why -24 and 24 have the value?

I suppose you mean "why do they have the same absolute value". This is because of the way the absolute value is defined. The absolute value is the "distance from zero"; it may help to look at the numbers on a number line to get this clear.

What is the absolute value of negative 24?


Is absolute value of 12 is -12?


What is the absolute location of the Bahamas?

the absolute location is 24 - 40 === ===

Which number is the greatest absolute value -24 -12 20 0?


Why value of negative twenty-four and value of twenty-four have the same value?

They don't have the same value! If, however, you were to say that |-24|=|24|, then THAT would be true, since the absolute value of any number is its distance from zero, and both -24 and 24 are 24 away from zero.

When was Absolute Beginners - The Jam song - created?

Absolute Beginners - The Jam song - was created on 1981-10-24.

What is the absolute location of Greece?

approximately 38ยฐ north, 24ยฐ east

What are the release dates for Absolute Quiet - 1936?

Absolute Quiet - 1936 was released on: USA: 24 April 1936

What is the absolute location of Egypt?

71 n 24 e

What is the mean absolute deviation of the set of data 16 20 24 25 28 29 31 35?

The mean absolute deviation (from the mean) is 4.75

What is the absolute and relative location of Nepal?

24°n 84°e

What is the absolute location of corpus christi?

Corpus Christi is located at 27 degrees 45 minutes north and 97 degrees 24 minutes west. That is the absolute location.

What is the absolute location for Rome Italy?

The absolute location for Rome Italy would be 41º 53º North, 012º 30º E (24 kilometers inland from the Tyrrhenian sea.)

Where is the absolute location of Athens Greece?

approximately 38° north, 24° east

What is the absolute location of bailey co?

Absolute location is: 39°24′18″ N, 105°28′19″ W (39.405, -105.472), at an elevation of 7756 feet (2364 meters).

What is the absolute and relative location of Taiwan?

24 N latitude and 120 E longitude

What is the absolute location of Hiroshima?

34° 24' 0" N / 132° 27' 0" E

What is the definition of relative value as a math term?

I will answer this with an example: John was payed $25,000 last year. This year he was payed $31,000. The difference between these two is clearly $6,000: this is also known as the absolute value. Therefore Absolute value is the new value minus the old value. Clear cut right? But what is the relative value? Relative value is the percentage of change. To solve for this, take relative value (6,000) and divide it by the original value (25,000). 6,000/25,000 = 0.24 or 24%. This is the relative value. The percentage of change between the old value and the new value. Hope this helps.

What is the absolute location of rabat Morocco?

The absolute location of Rabat, Morocco is 34 degrees 1' 12" N, 6 degrees 50' 24" W. The elevation of Rabat is 82 feet above sea level.

Garbage released what Greatest Hits compilation on July 24 2007?

Absolute Garbage

What is the weight of a proton?

the relative mass of a proton is 1u. the absolute mass of a proton is 1.6*10^-24 gm.

Baby femur measures 24 weeks and pregnancy is 26 weeks?

Go with the sonogram unless you have absolute knowledge.

How many days is alcohol in your urine?

If you are completely abstinent, it should be gone in 24-30 hours at the absolute most.

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