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Q: According to Indian place value system how many periods are there?
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According to international place value system how many periods are there?

according to number system in Indian numbervsystem periods are 4 in international number system periods are 3

How many periods are Indian place value system?


What is the answer 1hm equals dam?

according to the indian place value system there are---------------period

What is the period and place of 5 in the number 5934692 according to Indian system?

place is 10 lakh and period is 3

What is the difference between international and Indian place value system?

in indian system every two digits has comas and in international system every three digits has comas for eg for indian system ;6,45,92,08,379 and in international system 645,9208,379

Indian system place value after crore?


What is the difference between Indian place value system and international place value system?

international only works in a certain area

Why is Indian system is also called as decimal system?

It is based on ten digits and the concept of place value.

Which country use Indian place value system?

India and many more countries

What are the two legacies of Indian Mathematics?

The zero symbol and positional place value system of numbers.

What is twelve million in words using Indian place value system?

One hundred and twenty lakhs.

What is the difference between Indian place value system and international?

The international system goes in steps on 3 whereas the India system goes in 2s until the last 3.

How did India invent that number system?

India did not invent the number system. Indian mathematicians introduced the concept of zero. This was a key development that led to our number system which is based on place-values.

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Indian place value chart?

The Indian place value chart is the place value system we use. Each column going left is ten (10) times bigger than the previous column; meaning that each column going right is ten (10) times smaller than the previous column. In this system, between the units (1s column) and the tenths (1/10s column) is the decimal point. For example, in the Indian place value chart they take a number like 253 and segment it. the 2 is placed in a column under the hundreds place, the 5 is placed in a column under the tens place, and the 3 is placed under the ones place.

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The 1927 Indian National Congress took place in Madras, which is now know as Chennai.

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when & whch place are the audition of Indian idol 2008? when & whch place are the audition of Indian idol 2008?

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west to east

How many periods are there in international place value systems?


What are the things takes place in a girl's periods?

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