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Q: Add 85 to four tenths Find the sum of fifteen hundredths and seven tenths?
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Find the sum of fifteen hundredths and seven tenths?

7/10 is the same as 70/100, so the total is (70+15)/100=85/100.

How can you use base-ten blocks to find 1.54 plus 2.37?

For 1.54 you can do one set of 100 then 5 tenths and 4 hundredths. For 2.37 you can to 2 hundreds, 3 tenths and 7 hundredths. 1.54 + 2.37 is 3.91. You can do 3 hundreds, 9 tenths and 1 hundredths.

What is two hundredths less than two tenths?

To find two hundredths less than two tenths, you have to subtract 0.02 from 0.2. Since 0.2 equals 0.20, you can use 0.20 to subtract 0.02 from. 0.20 - 0.02 = 0.18, which is your answer.

How do you find the digit in the tenths place is a prime number that is less than the digit in the hundredths place?

If it is prime, it could be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 in the tenths place

What is seven tenths of ten?

The answer is 7.To find seven tenths, you first divide 10 by 10 and then multiply your answer by 7.

How do you write forty eight hundredths in decimal form?

.48; the first number behind the decimal point is tenths, the next is hundredths, if there was a third number it would be in the thousandths place, ten thousandths, etc . (decimal point, 4 (tenths place, 8 is in the hundredths place = .48

What is seven tenths minus one fifth?

7/10 - 1/5 = 7/10 - 2/10 = 5/10 = 1/2

What is bigger sixty five hundredths or six tenths?

sixty five hundredths. It is helpful to see this if you find a common denominator. It is not necessary to even have the lowest common denominator, when doing comparisons like this. So 6/10 * 10/10 = 60/100 (Sixty hundredths). 65 > 60, so 65 hundredths is bigger.

Is 8 tenths bigger than 75 hundreds?

I find this easier to see if they are both in decimal. 8 tenths is 8 x 0.1 = 0.8 in decimal form 75 hundredths is 75 x 0.01 = 0.75 in decimal form. This makes it easier to see that 8 tenths is bigger than 75 hundredths

How do you find the nearest tenth of a number?

Look at the hundredths place only. If it is 5 or more round up, add one to the tenths place, and throw away the hundredths and all decimal parts to the right of it. If the hundredths place is less than 5 round down, which means keep the tenths place the same and throw away the hundredths and all decimal parts to the right of it. Ex: 65.734 ... 3 is the hundredths place and is less than 5 ... round down = 65.7 or 74.38111 --- 8 is the hundredths place and is greater than 5 ... round up = 74.4

How do you find out how many tenths are in a foot in inches?

10 tenths

What is the largest decimal to the tenth place that is to the left of 3.52 on the number line?

I'm don't know I'm using this app to find app its a really great app cause right know we have to do online work and I need to find the answer out so 7 hundredths 5 tenths 30 hundredths idk the answer of 42 hundredths

How do you convert hundredths of seconds to seconds?

Divide the hundredths of a second by 100 to find seconds.

What is seven tenths of sixty?

42. You have to find one tenth of 60, by dividing it by 10, which gives you 6. You then times this by how many tenths you need, in this case, 7. So, you multiply 6 x 7= 42.

How to find thirteen fiftieths of seven tenths?

You multiply the two fractions. To multiply two fractions, the numerator of the result is the product of the numerators, and the denominator of the result is the product of the denominators.

How do you find out tenths of a number?

The number after the decimal.

How do you find the sum of the dcimal numbers two and three tenths and eight and nine tenths?

2.3 + 8.9 = 11.2

How do you find 3 tenths of a number?

Multiply it by 0.3

How do you find five and six hundredths as a decimal?

five and six hundredths as a decimal = 5.06

What is 16.7 to nearest whole number?

The answer is 17. To find this, you look at the tenths column which is 7. If the tenths is 0-4 you round down. If the tenths is 5-9 you round up.

How many tenths equal a one half?

Ten tenths equal 1. So to find half of that, devide both sides by 2; you end up with 5 tenths equal one half.

Where can a fifteen year old find a job in Dayton Ohio?

no where

You are fifteen where can you find a job in Edmond OK?

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What is the nearest tenths?

A question might say "Find 3.17 to the nearest tenths." In such a quesiton, first you have to identify the tenths place. The tenths place is the place right after the decimal place-directly to the right. In our example, the tenths place is the 1. To round to the nearest tenth, look at the digit to the right (this is your hundredths place). If the number is larger than 4, round up. If not, don't round-therefore, 0,1,2,3, and 4 don't round, while 5,6,7,8, and 9 do. 3.17-to round, just add a digit to the place you are rounding. Since 7 is larger than 4, add one to the tenths place-therefore, your answer is 3.2 If your number was 3.13, then you DON'T round. This means you leave the number the same. Hence, your answer is 3.1

What is 8-tenths in decimal form?

8 tenths in decimal form is written as 0.8. This can also be written as eight tenths or 8/10. You can easily find conversions for mathematical phrases or equations online at mathematics websites.