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Any negative number.

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Q: Add a number to this to get a sum of zero?
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What is the sum of a number and zero?

If you add zero to any number, the sum is the same number you started with.

What is the Sum when number is add to opposite?

zero pair

What is the sum when you add zero to any number?

it is 10 times larger (of the number that was multiplied by 10 or added a zero at the end)

What can you add to a number to get a sum less than zero?

You could add a negative number. ex. 98 + -100 = -2

What does additive identity mean?

The additive identity is zero. When you add a number and 0, the sum equals the original number.

Which number when added to a number gives a sum equal to a number?

zero + zero = zero

Is the sum of zero and a number zero?

No, the product is, but not the sum. 0 + 2 = 2

The product of three and the sum of a number and two is zero?

This means that the sum of the number and two is zero. So the number is -2.

The sum of a number and what is always that number?


What is the sum when you add -2 and it's opposite?


What is the sum of a real number and is additive inverse?

The sum is zero.

The sum of a negative number and zero?

The negative number.

Property of the opposite of the sum?

The additive inverse property states that if you add a number and it's opposite the sum is zero. copy-ed from "ashby" your welcome C:

What is the minimum number of vectors with equal magnitudes whose vector sum can be zero?

Two is the minimum number of vectors that will sum to zero.

What are the numbers that you add up to get the sum?

Any number you can add up to get the sum

What is a positive add a negative?

The sum will have the same sign as the number with the largest magnitude. If the numbers have the same magnitude, then the answer is zero, which is positive.

What is the sum of the oxidation number in a compound?


What is the meaning of zero property of addition?

When you add zero to any quantity, the sum is the original quantity.

Why is zero useful?

Zero is useful because if we did not have the number zero then if we did the sum 7-7 then there would be no answer because the answer is zero, zero replaces and odd bits in a sum or something......

What is the mixed number for zero?

Zero can be expressed as the sum of any two opposite mixed number.

Zero pair,ย ?

A number and its opposite,which add to zero.

What is the sum of the factors in -14?

The sum of the factors of any negative number is zero.

If you add two number what will be the answer?

a sum

Is the sum of zero and positive number always sometimes or never zero?


If the sum of 2 numbers are 0 what are the numbers?

You may think that there is a unique solution to that problem, but that is not the case. Any positive number can be added to the negative version of itself to obtain a sum of zero (-589 added to 589 is zero, etc.) The simplest case, of course, is to add zero to zero, getting a total of zero.