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Yes he is on the penny.

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What year was the Lincoln penny introduced?

The Lincoln penny was first introduced in 1909.

Who is on the 1973 us penny?

Lincoln is on this penny.

What is the value on 1927 D lincoln penny?

Lincoln head 1927 D penny

Who is the man on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln

When was the Lincoln Memorial first put on the penny?

The Lincoln memorial was first put on the penny in 1959

Is Abraham Lincoln on a coin?

Abraham Lincoln is on the American Penny. The penny is the one cent coin.

Why is the penny coin picture of Lincoln differt then other coins?

The penny is the only coin that has a picture of Lincoln on it.

The Lincoln penny replaced what penny?

Lincoln cents replaced Indian Head cents starting in 1909

What can you find on a penny?

Image of Lincoln and Lincoln Memorial.

Which president is on the United States penny?

President Abraham Lincoln has been on the US penny since 1909.Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln

What is the font on a wheat penny?

the same as today's penny, lincoln.

Whose on the US penny?

Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny

How did Benjamin Franklin get on the penny?

And I thought Abraham Lincoln was on the Penny.

What us persident is on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny.

Who is the penny?

Abraham Lincoln.

What are the letters on front shirt of Lincoln on the penny?

They are the initials of the man who designed the Lincoln penny, Victor David Brenner.

Why is Lincoln on the US penny?

The Lincoln Penny was first issued in 1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln's 100th birthday.

What is the difference between a 1958 penny and a 1980 penny?

A 1958 penny has ears of wheat on the back and 1980 Penny has a Lincoln Memorial on the back. Lincoln Memorials started appearing on pennies in 1959.

Did Abraham Lincoln walk many miles to return a penny?

Abraham Lincoln walked 3 miles to return a penny.

How much is a 1900 Abraham Lincoln penny worth?

Check that date again. Lincoln wasn't on the penny until 1909.

How much is a penny worth with Abraham Lincoln on it?

Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909. The value depends on the date and condition.

Is Lincoln the only penny?

He's the only penny in America. Ya!

What is the value of 1945 d Lincoln penny?

what is the value of 1945d penny

What is the value of a 1918 one cent piece?

it really depends. if its an Indian head penny its probably a dollar. a penny with Lincoln is a really a penny because Lincoln went on the penny in about the mid 1900's.

Who is the man on the back of the penny?


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