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Speed= Distance / time

=> Distance = Speed x Time

=16x8 = 128m

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Q: An automobile traveling at a velocity of 16 meters per second is brought to a full stop in 8 seconds The distance traveled in the 8 seconds is?
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The distance traveled by an automobile moving at a constant velocity is?

(Its speed) x (time it spends traveling).

The distance traveled by a car depends on the velocity of the car?

Distance(velocity), or D(v)

Is distance directly proportional to velocity?

Distance Traveled is directly proportional to velocity. This is because velocity is the change in position over a period of time. The greater the velocity, the greater the distance traveled. For you calculus junkies, integrate velocity to get displacement.

Does a speedometer measure speed or velocity?

A speedometer measures speed. The odometer measures distance traveled. The velocity is not known because the direction of the traveling car cannot be predetermined.

How does the distance traveled in one hour usually compare with the distance traveled in other hours?

In space, everything will keep traveling at the same velocity forever until an outside force, e.g. gravity, acts upon it.

What is the distance traveled divided by the time taken to travel that distance?


What is distance and direction traveled over time?


Distance and direction traveled over time?


Distance traveled divided by total time?

Velocity :)

Definition of average velocity?

Average velocity is the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance. Average velocity is also called "velocity".

Why is velocity-displacement divided by time?

velocity means the distance traveled in certain time and in a certain direction. Therefore: velocity is the result of dividing the traveled distance by time taken, and adding a direction to it.

What is calculated by multiplying the time of travel by the distance traveled?


What is the distance traveled in a certain amount of time called?


What is the acceleration of a ball that is traveling at a constant velocity of fifty miles and has been traveling for over 2 minutes?

If an object is traveling at a constant velocity, its acceleration is 0. Even if it traveled for 2 years.

What can you determine if you know the distance an object has traveled in a certain amount of time?

Velocity Velocity= distance/time V=d/t

Distance traveled per unit of time?

That's 'speed'.(Not 'velocity'.)

Total distance traveled by the total time in motion is the?

Average velocity.

What is the velocity of an automobile which traveled 210 kilometers in 3.0 hours?

-- The car's speed is 70 kilometers per hour.-- In order to state its velocity, we need to know the directionin which it's traveling, as well as its speed.'Velocity' is not merely a fancy word for 'speed'. It means more than 'speed'.

How does one measure velocity?

You measure distance travel by an object and time it takes for the object to travel the distance. Divide first one one second and get average speed. Knowing the direction the object is traveling to allows you to build the vector of average velocity. Instantaneous velocity can be measure only as limit when traveled distance approaches zero.

A car is traveling at a constant velocity.After two hours the car has traveled 90 miles. After five hours the car has traveled 225 miles.How far will the car have traveled after seven hours?

DISTANCE + VELOCITY x TIME So if you travel 90 miles in two hours, 90 = velocity x 2 velocity = 45 miles per hour After 7 hours DISTANCE = 45 x 7 = 315 miles

In determining velocity of any object in motion Why is it important to know the distance and the time the object traveled?

Velocity is equal to distance divided by time.

What is distance traveled by the body in a given direction in the unit time called?


Distance traveled per time unit?

That quantity is called "speed". (not 'velocity')

What is the distance traveled per unit of time?

That quantity is called "speed". (not 'velocity')

The distance traveled per unit of time is called?

That's 'speed'.(Not 'velocity'.)