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Q: An electronic assembler can produce 20 bell circuit interfaces per week. The assembler can also make 35 photoelectric sensors per week. One hundred fifty units are produced in all. Which equation desc?
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What is Einstein's photoelectric equation?

E(photon energy)=K.E+Work Function

Inadequacies of classical mechanics in schrodinger's equation?

stability of atoms line spectrum of hydrogen atom compton effect photoelectric effect black body radiation

Who is the scientist Millikan?

Robert Andrews Millikan, Born 22 March 1868, Died19 December 1953. American physicist who measured the charge of the electron, proving Einsteins photoelectric equation.

Did Einstein win the Nobel Prize for the equation e equals mc?

No, Albert Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics for his work on the Photoelectric Effect. His findings on the subject were published in 1905.

What is the invention of albert eisten?

He was a theoretical physicist. His most famous works are: -general and special theory of relativity, from that to famous mass-energy equation: E = m*c^2 -clarification of photoelectric effect for which he received Nobel Prize in 1921

Which scientist was able to determine the electronic structure of the atom using an equation known as the quantum model that included the wave nature of the electron?

Erwin Schrodinger

What was Albert Einstien famous for?

He was a famous scientist in the early to mid 20th century. He studied physics and won a Nobel Prize for his work on the photoelectric effect. Among his other achievements are the theories of Special and General Relativity, and the equivalence of matter and energy in the equation E = Mc2 AND FOR HIS FUNNY AND BIG HAIR.

What does an ohmmeter measure and explain how it is used?

An ohm-meter measures the basic resistance of any circuit; its ability to conduct electricity. Its basic use is for the equation "E/I*R" to explain further about how it is used you would need an electronic background to comprehend its use and that equation's use in electronics.

Is Cr3 plus plus e-Cr2 plus reduced or oxidised?

In the ion-electronic chemical equation Cr+3 + e-1 => Cr+2, the Cr+3 ion is reduced.

What is an equation that contains a variable?

It is an equation. It could be an algebraic equation, or a trigonometric equation, a differential equation or whatever, but it is still an equation.

Which electronic component can store a charge?

A parallel plate capacitor is an electrical component which can store charge. The charge is stored according to the equation: qo = q(1-e-t/RC) [in a charginr circuit.]

What is an equation that relates quantities represented by variables?

Simply that, an "equation".Simply that, an "equation".Simply that, an "equation".Simply that, an "equation".