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WHAT IS A SOLID WITH TWELVE faces and 30 edgesis a dodecahedron.

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Q: An object that has 12 flat faces and 30 edges is called?
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Why crystals of sugar have straight edges and flat faces?

it is the property of solid crystal that they have straight edges and flat faces.

What is the tetrahedron parts names?

The three parts are faces, vertices and edges. The faces are the flat surfaces, the edges are the lines that joint the corners which are called vertices.

How many faces edges and corners does a sphere have?

A sphere has no edges, because an edge is defined as where two faces meet. Likewise, it has no faces, because a face is defined as the flat surface of an object. Likewise, it has no corners either.

How many flat surfaces faces and edges corners a cube has?

flat surfaces: 6 faces: 6 edges: 12 corners: 8

How many faces and edges and vertes cylinder have?

cylinder has 3 faces,1curved faces,2 flat faces and 2 curved edges

How to identify faces vertices edges of cube?

If they are flat, they are faces. If they are pointed, they are vertices and if they are thin and long they are edges.

3d shape no edges no vertices no flat faces?


How many faces edges and vertices does a hemi sphere have?

Circular round face= 1 Flat faces= 1 Edges= 1

How many faces and edges and a vertices does a cylinder have?

It has 2 flat faces, 1 curved face, 2 parallel edges and no vertices

Why are the flat surfaces on rectangular prisms called faces?

The flat surface of any three dimensional object is called a face; a prism is a three dimensional object.A tetrahedron has 4 faces, a cube has 6 faces, an octahedron has 8 faces, etc.

How many edges faces and vertices does a hexagon have?

A hexagon is a plane (flat) figure so it has no faces. It has six sides (edges) and six vertices.

What are faces and edges and vertices?

A face, of a solid object, is a flat surface. If it is curved it is called a curved surface though sometimes it is also referred to as a face. Two faces meet at an edge, which is a line which may be straight or curved. Three or more faces meet at a point which is a vertex.

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