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Q: And if i am 10 in a half how old am i in weeks?
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How many weeks old is a 10 year old child?

There are 52 weeks in a year. A child who is exactly 10 years old has lived for 10 x 52 weeks, which equals 520 weeks.

How old are you if you are 600 weeks old?

11 and a half

Is 10 days 2 and half weeks?


How old is a 120 weeks old baby in years?

Two and a half years old.

How many days is eight and a half weeks old?

59.5 Days Old

Can you touch baby hamsters when they are 2 weeks old?

you can touch the babies after 2 weeks and a half

How many months equal 46 weeks?

10 and a half

How many weeks 10 and a half days?

3 weeks

How old is a 10 week old puppy?

by all means, we hope it's 10 weeks old.

How old are kittens when they can hear?

half of a month [two weeks]

How old must a dog be to have an erection?

about 10 weeks old

How many months is the same as 10 weeks?

2 and a half months

What age should you buy hamsters?

10 weeks or 5 weeks old

How old would someone be if they were 526 weeks old?

10 years old.

How old are you when you become a fetus?

10 weeks

How many months pregnant are you if you are 10 weeks?

Two and a half months pregnant.

How old does a baby dwarf hamster half to be to pick them up?

It has to be about 3-4 weeks old, then you can hold them.

Is your stomach big at 10 weeks pregnant?

It would be quite rare if you were showing but you certainly will not be "big" at 10 weeks. Your baby is only about 4 grams and about an inch and a half. Here is a link to a website that will allow you to actually see what your fetus looks like at 10 weeks!

How old does a puppy be until it can leave its mum?

All depends, I got my dog at 10 weeks old. so i think about 6-8 weeks old

What does a gerbil look like at 10 weeks?

10 week old gerbil

How old are pigs when they first mate?

Well, male guinea pigs can mate when there about 3 and a half weeks old.

Where do you watch Ben 10 alien force episode 13?

its out in 1 half weeks

How long does dogs have to wait to get their shots after pregnancy?

before your bitch prengant you should had it vaccined with the following shots: 6 weeks old : parvovirus vaccination 8 weeks old: polyvalent vaccine 10 weeks old: vaccine against coronary viruses 12 weeks old: polyvalent vaccine 14 weeks old: you must repeat the 10 weeks procedure 6 months old: anti rabies vaccine.

How old do kittens have to be to be given away?

They need to be older than 10 weeks old.

How old does a kitten need to be before you give them a home?

At least 10 weeks old.