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5 1/2 + 6 1/3 + 4 1/4 = 11 3/4 hours or 11 hours 45 minutes.

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Q: Ann works 5 1 2 hours Mary works 6 1 3 hours and John works 4 1 4 hours How many combined hours have they worked?
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Ann works 5 and a half hours Mary works 6 and one third hours and john works 4 and one fourth hours how many combined hours have they worked?

16 hours, 5 minutes

John takes a job after school to earn money to buy a surfboard He knows that the more hours he works the more money he will make?

The amount of money John makes is a function of the number of hours he works.

John Davis makes 975 an hour he works four hours on monday six hours on Tuesday five hours on wed five hours on Thursday?

John Davis makes 19,500 a week.

John worked 35 hours a week at Buy-the-Best for 8.50 per hour So far he has earned 327250 How many weeks has John worked at Buy-the-Best?

1101 weeks :)

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N of the 50 hours John worked this week was paid 12.00 per hour He was paid 8.00 per hour for the other hours he worked He made 200.00 less during these N hours than he made during the other hours?

10 hours at $12.00/hour 40 hours at $8.00/hours

What are some examples of direct variation formula?

Hours worked1234Dollars Earned10203040If John earns $10.00 an hour, the above table shows the relationship between hours worked and dollars earned. From this table, we can see that dollars earned is equal to hours worked multiplied by 10.

Who did John Cabot work for?

John Cabot worked for King Henry VII. John Cabot worked in Genoa, Italy.

If John makes 20.30 an hour and he works forty hours a week how much will he make in a year?

$42,224 a year.

How do you keep Papa John's from cheating me out of pay?

so papa johns wont cheat you out of your money keep a payroll. a payroll is when u write down all of your hours you worked , your hourly wage, and the days you worked. multiply the hours you worked by your hourly wage then take out at least 10% for taxes and you should have a idea of how much you'll make.

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John worked 35 hours a week at Buy-the-Best for 8.50 per hour So far he has earned 3272.50 How many weeks has John worked at Buy-the-Best?

11 weeks working 35 hours per week at 8.50 and hour is 8.50 × 35 = 297.50 a week. Total earnings of 3272.50 is 3272.50 ÷ 297.50 per week = 11 weeks.

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