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Q: Anuj is walking in the direction of North after 1 kilometer he turns right which direction he is heading towards?
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What is the difference between walk towards and walk to?

Walking towards usually implies that you're going in the general direction to the given place/item/ect. Walking 'to' usually means a direct movement to the object.

If a train is heading North at 5 mph and you are inside the train walking towards the rear of the train down the aisle at 2 mph How fast are you moving?

You are heading North at 3 mph, relative to a fixed point on the track (i.e., earth).

What is the longest walking Olympic event?

For men it is the 50 kilometer walk and for women it is the 20 kilometer walk.

Why does friction act in the direction of your motion when you are walking?

Because your feet are pushing backwards and therefore the friction opposes in the opposite direction which happens to be the direction in which you are walking.

How can you tell in which direction the animals are walking?

You can tell in which direction the animals are walking by studying their footprints. Determine which directions their feet are pointed to see which direction they are traveling in.

What is human walking time per one kilometer?

Usually 10 minutes per one kilometer for a normal person.

What is the difference between walking a mile or a kilometer?

Well, a mile is pretty close to 1.6 kilometers. So it should take you about 1.6 times longer to walk a full mile, than to walk a single kilometer. Therefore, if it takes you 20 minutes to walk that mile, then you'll have finished walking a kilometer in around 12.5 minutes.

You are walking toward the back of a bus that is moving forward with a constant velocity. Describe your motion relative to the bus and relative to a point on the ground?

Relative to the bus, you are moving towards the back. If your walking speed is slower than the speed of the moving bus (which it usually will be) then your motion relative to a point on the ground will be moving in the direction of the moving bus, but slower by the speed at which you are walking.

You have paintings by DeGrazia how do you find out if they are originals?

I have a watercolor of seven Indian children walking in a line towards the left direction the first one is holding a cross the others large arches of flowers is this a real one ?

What is the direction to Tennessee from Oklahoma?

Just keep walking east. You know, the direction the sun comes up in.

If you are dead centre on the north pole and you start moving witch direction are you moving in?

wichever direction you start walking in is the direction you will be going.................................................................idiot

What does it mean when you are walking towards your crush's locker where he and his friend are looking at you?

They are talking about you.

Does walking for the cure actually help find a cure?

the money that they get from walking for the cure goes towards find the cure. so in a way yes

How many calories burned in walking 1 kilometer?

Approx. 166 if you are walking at an average pace and you are an average sized person. Everything changes when it comes down to sex, age, height, health and so on. To whoever wrote the above, you may have been thinking per hour at a very slow walking speed, or in kilo jules, but not per killometre! (Kilo)Calories burned per killometre of walking do vary depending on mass, sex, height and age, but it is roughly 1 (kilo)Calorie per Kilogram of body mass [burnt per kilometer of walking]. So in order to burn 166 KiloCalories by walking 1 kilometer, one would have to have a weight larger than 1600 Nutens of force, approximatly 160 kilograms of mass.

Can you give me a sentence for beatific?

You have beatific reactions when you see your boyfriend walking in your direction.

How long is the walking track at Texas Lutheran University?

The answer is 1 Kilometer, or .62 mile. The answer was supplied by TLU Athletic Department.

Why can you hear two people talking after they walk around the corner?

because they were walking towards you

What scared the children out of the Radley yard?

the shadowing walking towards Jem scared the children...

Three friens walking in the same direction in which position thay are walking that they can see each other or one of them can see the other two?

One friend would be walking behind the other two friends.

If you are walking along a highway alway walk on the shoulder in what direction?

Against the flow of traffic.

What is harry styles favourite movies?

one direction, Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries

A man walks in a straight line with the sun to his right at six o'clock in the evening Toward which pole does he walk?

From North pole towards South Pole The earth rotates in clockwise direction along its axis. So, if its evening then the person walking in a straight line, with the sun [as it appears to us] at his right should be on the face of the earth that just passed the sun. So, the line of sun's light should be to the right of a person standing towards the south pole. That given, if the person starts walking, towards the south pole, he has the sun at his right.

If you are walking through a pine forest and the wind is blowing in a northeasterly direction which way would the leaves blow?

The leaves would blow in a north-easterly direction.

What is the distance of a kilometer?

A kilometer is about 0.6 miles (5/8 mile if you prefer fractions). It is about 3300 feet. It is 10 minutes of moderate walking. It is 6 times the height of the Washington Monument.

What is harry styles 3 favourite movies?

one direction, Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries