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Faster that what?

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Q: Are months faster
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Do hair and nails grow faster in the winter months?

Yes they grow faster in the winter:)

Why is elephant develops faster in the mother's womb?

Faster than what? Elephant pregnancies last for approximately 22 months.

Do fingernails or toe nails grow faster?

Fingernails grow faster than toenails Nails; Fingernails require 3 to 6 months to regrow completely. Toenails require 12 to 18 months.

Why does hair grow faster in winter months?

it actually doesnt. it grows faster in the summer because you are getting more vitamin d from the sun

How do you lose weight fast like in 2 months?

you don't. the faster you lose it the faster it will come back along with EXTRA pounds..hate to tell ya.

How can you make a couple months go by faster?

Lots of sex! Time flies when you're having fun!

How long does pregnancy last in tigers?

tigers pregnancy lasts 4 months they are shorter I'm months because the cubs in he stomach grow and form a lot faster.

Which grows faster a pinto bean or a flower?

a pinto bean a pinto bean grows for about 2 months and a flower has to go through several months to become mature

What are ways to make your hair grow faster?

To make your hair grow faster you have to keep dying it different colors and it will make your hair grow long in like 2 months.

Earth is closer to the sun in December than in June In which of these two months is earth moving faster around the sun?

when the earth is closer to the sun it travels faster, so in December

How often, in general, is their a faster and more efficient cpu released for sale to the public?

Typically faster CPUs may be released to the public by a variety of manufacturers every couple of months.

If you only have the first shot how long is it in your system?

It will stay in your system the whole three months, there is no way to get rid of it faster.

Why do cars in the northen state rust faster?

The northern states use salt on the roads during the winter months.

Is Internet Download Manager faster than Download Accelerator Plus?

yes, idm is faster than dap. i have analysed thoroughly during 9 months with time stop watch.

At what age should you get your puppy neutered?

Puppies can be neutered when four months old. The younger they are, the less they bleed, and the faster they heal.

In three months can you have breast milk?

No at three months it is most unlikely to have milk in the breasts. well im about three months and ive got breast milk so yes it can happen it just means that your body produces much faster and alot more

How long does it takes for eBay to ship something from china?

sometimes it can be as long as two months if you live in the UK, obviously the closer you are to China, the faster the item is shipped. the longest it has ever taken me is two months.

How can you grow facial hair faster and thicker natural?

shave it for continues of one weak.and later 3 months you had a facial hair......

How old is renessemee?

Renessemee Cullen is 3 months old, but she steadily grows faster because she is half-human, half-vampire.

How old do rabbits have before they can breed?

3-4 months, some rabbit breeds mature faster than others though :)

How long is marijuana in your system from passive smoking?

three months. drink plenty of pickle juice and itll go away faster.

Can a tornado go faster then invader zims ship?

No, because Zim's ship can get from his planet to earth in 6 months. Do you think a tornado can do that.

How can you have a baby faster?

In less than 9 months? Not advised. Spending the entire pregnancy in a rocket? If the question relates to how to get pregnant faster. Good basic health for both man and women would be a good start.

What dissolve faster sugar or pepper?

if youre referring to ground pepper, then sugar would disolve faster as it is more dense. whereas, pepper corns wouldn't disolve, perhaps over a very long period of time ie, months, but basically sugar would disolve faster.

How long after a tv series ends for the season does it come out on DVD?

Lately it seems the DVD of TV shows is coming out faster and faster. It seems to take about 2-3 months on average for the DVD to come out after the season has ended.