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Venus and Mercury also have solid surfaces.

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Q: Are Pluto and mars the only one that have solid surfaces?
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How bumpy are all the planets outside?

Only Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have solid surfaces, as well as various moons. The other planets are all gas giants. Pluto would be solid, but is no longer regarded as a planet. The different planets and moons that have solid surfaces also have hills, valleys, mountains, craters and plains like Earth.

Which planet has fewer satellites Pluto or mars?

Mars, it only has two moons, while there are thought to be at least 5 for Pluto.

How much more is Pluto larger than Mars?

Pluto is actually smaller than Mars. It is only about a third of its size.

What forms of water occur on Pluto?

Water only exists on Pluto in solid form.

What shape has only flat surfaces?

cube There are a great many solid shapes that have only flat surfaces.

Is Mars bigger than Pluto?

Mars is larger than Pluto. Mars is the second-smallest major planet, the only smaller one being Mercury (which is also much larger than Pluto). (see related link)

What is the name of the only solid that has no face?

A face is a flat surface. The only solid with no flat surfaces is a sphere.

The only outer planet with a solid rocky surface is?


What solid figure has only two flat surfaces?

A cylinder

Which solid figure has only 2 flat surfaces?


Which of the eight planets are solid?

Officially there are only 4 terrestrial major planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. All 5 dwarf planets are also solid: Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris.

What planet is the only outer one that has a solid surface?

The planet is Pluto

What solid figure has only flat surfaces that are rectangles?

A rectangular prism.

What is the only planet that does not have rings?

Five planets do not have rings- all and only gaseous planets have rings around them, such as Saturn and Jupiter. The solid earth planets do not: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the dwarf planet Pluto.

Is Mars a largest planet or the smallest planet?

neither. pluto is the smallest and Jupiter is the largest Pluto is only a dwarf planet; Pluto is not recognized as a true planet by IAU.

Can you build on Mars?

Yes mars is solid and not made of some gasses. The only problem is to get your materials to mars and building it.

Which planet has the smallest pull of gravity?

Mars, if you weigh 100lbs on Earth, you would weigh 37.7lbs on Mars. It would be Pluto as you would only weigh 6.7lbs on Pluto but it is no longer classed as a planet.

What planets in the solar system have water?

Earth and mars. Mars' water can only be a gas and a solid.

Which solid figure has only 2 flat surfaces like circles?

a plane

Which planet has an icy and solid surface?

I can only think of Pluto, but that's only a "dwarf planet" now.

Is Pluto the only planet that is small and rocky?

No. The four small, rocky planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

Is mars a large and gaseous planet?

No, Mars is only about half the size of Earth and it is a solid, rocky planet.

What is the only outer planet with a solid surface?

There are none, if you're not calling Pluto a planet.

Does water exist on Mars?

Yes but only in the solid form - ice.

The state of the common elements on Mars?

The state of the common elements on Mars are all either a solid, liquid, or a gas. Some of them are found as only a solid, or only a liquid, or only a gas, or 2 of them, or all 3.