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Yes and also known as integers

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Q: Are The counting numbers are also known as the whole numbers?
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How does the set of counting numbers differ from the set of whole numbers?

The set of counting numbers is a proper subset of the whole number. The latter includes negative counting numbers. Also, there is no consensus as to whether 0 belongs to counting numbers or whole numbers.

Which counting numbers are also whole numbers?

All of the counting numbers are whole numbers. Counting numbers consist of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Whole numbers are numbers that have no fractional parts. Since none have fractional parts, they are all whole numbers.

Would a negative whole number also be a counting number?

No. Negative numbers are not counting numbers.

Is counting numbers whole numbers?

Whole numbers are 1,2,3,4..etc frations decimals and other numbers arent. Whole numbers include 0, counting numbers do not. Counting Numbers are also sometimes referred to as Natural Numbers. But the above answer is correct in that none of these sets: Counting, Whole and Integers include fractions or decimals.

What does whole number means?

A whole number is a number in the set comprising counting numbers, their additive opposites and zero. That is also known as the set of integers.

Which counting numbers is also a whole number?

They all are, unless you have a really weird way of counting.

Are positive numbers whole numbers?

No. Positive numbers can be whole numbers but they can also be decimal numbers and fractions. If a value is a whole number, it does not have a fraction or decimal part and it is not negative. Whole numbers are also called natural numbers or counting numbers.

Which set of numbers is also called counting numbers?

Positive integers, (whole numbers) starting at 1

Are natural and whole numbers equivalent sets?

they are almost all equivalent - whole numbers also have the number 0, which natural numbers (counting numbers) do not.

The whole numbers greater than 0 are also called the?

counting numbers, positive integers

What all the counting numbers?

1to9 are counting numbers Counting numbers are positive whole numbers and not zero. They can also be called 'natural numbers'. They are so called because when you count, you start at +1, then +2, +3 and continue on in this... That would be zero, and negative integers. "Counting numbers" refers to integers (whole numbers) that are positive (larger than zero).

What is whole number but not a counting number?

There are no whole numbers that are not also counting numbers. Both terms mean the same subset of numbers: positive integers greater than zero. Some people consider zero to be a whole number but not a counting number, because you can't "count" zero.

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