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Q: Are a scalene triangle and an isosceles triangle ever similar?
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Can an isoceles triangle ever be scalene?

No. An isosceles triangle has, by definition, two sides of equal length. A scalene triangle has, by definition, no sides of equal length. So, by definition (and the fact that 0 is not 2), an isosceles triangle cannot be scalene.

Are some scalene triangles also isosceles triangles?

Scalene triangles those triangles in which all the sides are of different lengths, but in isosceles triangles two sides of the triangle are equal in length. Therefore, no scalene triangle can ever be isosceles.

Is the angle bisector of a scalene triangle ever intersect at a single point?


Could a right triangle ever be equilateral triangle?

No but it is possible for it to be an isosceles triangle with angles of 45, 45 and 90 degrees

Can an obtuse triangle ever be a scalene triangle?

Yes. The triangle with sides 7 cm, 8 cm, 13 cm is obtuse (the angle opposite the side of 13 cm is 120o) and scalene as none of the sides are equal.

Can an obtues triangles ever be scalene?

No because an obtuse triangle has 1 angle greater than 90 degress and 2 acute angles whereas a scalene triangle has 3 acute angles.

Is an isosceles triangle always sometimes or never an equilateral triangle?

An isosceles triangle is one that has two sides of the same length and one side different An equilateral triangle is one that has all of its sides of equal length. All of the angles on an equilateral triangle are 60 degrees. A triangle with two sides 4cm and one side 100m would be an isosceles. But an equilateral triangle has all of the sides exactly the same so therefore an isosceles triangle can never ever be an equilateral triangle

Can obtuse triangle ever be isosceles?

Yes providing that the two equal angles are acute angles

In a right triangle when you draw an altitude to the hypotenuse are the triangles ever similar?

Only if the angles of the triangle are 90, 45, and 45.

Does an isosceles triangle have two obtuse angles?

No. It is not possible in Euclidean planar geometry (if you don't know what that means, it means "the only kind of geometry you've ever heard of") for a triangle to have two obtuse angles.

What kind of triangles are there?

There are many kind of triangles. These are the following: Acute, Right, and Obtuse are actual angles. Scalene, Isosceles, and Equilateral are all actual triangles. But, you can have any triangle with any angle. Like a scalene triangle with a Right angle, or an Isosceles triangle with an Obtuse angle.Acute is a triangle with an angle less than 90 degrees. So it is smaller than a Right triangle. To make and Acute triangle, you need at least two Acute angles.Right triangle have at least on right angle. Right angles are angles that re exactly 90 degrees. If you put a cube right where the angle went, both sides would be perfectly straight.Obtuse triangles are triangles with at least one Obtuse angles. They are always bigger than 90 degrees. They are larger than a Right triangle. If you spread your legs apart, you would have an Obtuse angle.Scalene triangles are triangles with all of the sides different lengths. Each side is either longer or shorter, they are never the same.Isosceles triangles are triangles with two sides the same lengths. The other side is either longer or shorter.Equilateral triangles are triangles with ever side the same exact length. They all are exactly the same. If one is different, it's not an Equilateral triangle.

Is an obtuse triangle ever a right triangle?


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