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No, some composite numbers are odd. The smallest composite odd numbers are 9, 15, 21, 25, and 27. Not all even numbers are composite either. There's only one even number that's prime, which is 2.

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Q: Are all composite numbers also even numbers?
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Are composite numbers even numbers?

Not all composite numbers are even, but all even numbers except 2 are composite.

Is an even numbers is composite?

All even numbers (except zero and two) are composite.

Are all composite numbers even numbers?

no55 for example is odd and composite

Is all even numbers composite?

no all even numbers except 2

Is even numbers composite or prime?

All the even numbers greater than 2 are composite.

Are all even numbers composite?

All even numbers are composite except 2 which is a prime numberAll but 2.

What are the even composite numbers from 50 to80?

All even numbers between 50 and 80 are composite.

Is all composite even?

No. Some composite numbers can be odd.

Is 160 composite?

Yes, All even numbers are composite.

Is 6 a composite or prime?

Composite. All even numbers are.

Is 388 composite or prime?

All even numbers, with the exception of the number 2, are composite numbers.

Is 849670 prime or composite numbers?

849670 is a composite number. All even numbers over 2 are composite numbers.

Is all even number composite numbers?

no all even numbers except 2

Are all even numbers greater than 2 composite or prime?

They are all composite.

Is 44 prime or is it composite?

44 is an even number. All even numbers except 2 are composite numbers, so 44 is composite.

Are composite numbers always even?

No - although all positive even numbers other than 2 are composite, this does not mean that all composite numbers are even - the first odd composite number is 9, which is equal to 3 x 3.

46 composite or prime?

All even numbers, except 2, are composite.

Are all numbers composite explain?

not all numbers are composite cause theres also prime numbers bro.

Are all composite numbers even?

No, they aren't. Numbers like 49 and 27 are odd and composite.

Is 974 a prime or composite number?

All even numbers (except 2) are composite numbers.

Are all even numbers composite why?

Not all even numbers are composite. Take 2 for example; its an even number but it only has 2 factors; 1 and itself.

Is 2304 a composite number?

All even numbers greater than 2 are composite numbers, and 2304 is an even number.

Is 512 a composite number?

All the even numbers except 2 are composite numbers. 512 is an even number so, it is a composite number.

is 652 composite?

It is composite because it is even. All even numbers except the number two itself are composite.

How do composite numbers compare with odd and even numbers?

composite numbers are those that have more than 2 factors. all even numbers other than 2 are composite numbers and some odd numbers are composite numbers. numbers that are prime are the numbers that are not composite numbers i hope this answers your question :)