Are all cubes similar prove

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Are all cubes similar prove
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How the ratio of volume is related to ratio of sides of similar cubes?

The ratio of volumes is directly proportional to the cube of the ratio of their sides. And, incidentally, all cubes are similar.

Does a cube has more than one kind of shape?

No. All cubes are similar.

Is a hypercube a fractal?

yes i think so because a fractal is an object that is self-similar all squares are similar; so are all cubes

Is it possible for 2 cubes to have the same volume and the same surface area?

Yes they would have to be similar cubes.

Is it true that all polyhedrons are cubes?

No. Not even all hexahedrons are cubes.

How are spheres and cubes similar?

They are both 3d demensional shapes.

Are all cubes rectangles?

No because cubes do not have opposite sides that are different lengths. Cubes have all equal sides and all equal coners. A cube is not a rectangle.

Prove that two squares are similar?

Say that the angles all equal 90 degrees and that all sides are equal in length.

Do organic boullion cubes exist?

Yes All bouillon cubes are organic. It is the non-organic boullion cubes that do not exist. "Organic" means "containing carbon". All boullion cubes contain carbon, and therefore all bouillion cubes are organic.

How many cubes are not painted at all if a cube is painted green all sides and cut into 64 cubes of equal size?

How many smaller cubes are not painted at all if a cube is painted green on all sides & cut into 64 cubes of equal size?

Why are some of the cubes rational and irrational?

The cubes of all rational numbers will be rational. But the cubes of irrational numbers can be either.

Any two cubes are similar?

I think is sugar cube and salt cube.