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You can use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar by comparing to see if the ratios are the same

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Q: How can you use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar?
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What are the conditions to prove the two polygons are similar?

Corresponding angles are equal.The ratios of pairs of corresponding sides must all be equal.

Prove theorem 11.5 for rectangles?


Prove that the diagonals of rectangle are equal?

prove any two adjacent triangles as congruent

What are three ways you can prove that triangles are similar?

Two triangles are similar if:two pairs of corresponding angles are equal, orone pair of angles is equal, and the ratios of the lengths of sides adjacent to the angles are the same, orthe lengths of the three pair of corresponding sides are in the same ratio.For the first point, if two angles of one triangle are equal to two of the other, then the third angles = 180 - sum of the two, must be equal.

Are adjacent sides of a rhombus always congruent?

Yes, it is one of the ways to prove a figure is a rhombus. If adjacent sides are congruent, then the figure is a rhombus.

Prove that of all the rectangles inscribed in a fixed circle the square has the maximum area?

well it depends on what square your talking about.

How can you prove that similar matrices have the same trace?

you tell me

What is a true proportion?

A true proportion is when two ratios are equal to one another. To prove this, you need to find the cross products of the ratios and see if they are equal. An example of a true proportion are the ratios 1/2 and 5/10, if you take the cross product the result is 2 x 5 = 1 x 10, which are equal.

How can you tell both shapes are similar?

to prove two triangles are similar, get 2 angles congruent

What must the side lengths of two dimensional polygonal figures be if the figures are similar?

The side lengths of corresponding sides must all be in the same proportion to each other. So, for example, if you have a quadrilateral ABCD and you want to prove that it is similar to WXYZ, then you must show that all the side ratios are equal to each other. That is: AB/WX = BC/XY = CD/YZ = DA/ZW

Describe the methods to prove that a quadrilateral is a rectangle?

you can prove any one of these statements to prove that quadrilateral is a rectangle: -- Opposite sides are parallel and any one angle is a right angle. -- Opposite sides are equal and any one angle is a right angle. -- All four angles are right angles. -- Adjacent angles are complementary, and one of them is a right angle. -- Opposite sides are either equal or parallel, and area is equal to the product of two adjacent sides. -- Diagonals are equal.

Who determined that an element in a compound will always combine in the same whole number ratios?

Prous proposed this. he didn't prove it for all elements.His opponent was Berthollet who said he was wrongWe now know that the vast majority of compounds contain fixed whole number ratios of elements, but there are a few cases where there is some variability.